Google Special – First Hot Air Balloon Flight

June 4, 2008

Today, we celebrate the first ever hot air balloon flight!

Thank mankind for this first step towards an aeroplane.

More on the subject, here!



  1. But 4th June is not the aniversary. The link above even gives the date of the first mnned flight as October 19th. Clicking on the image to do a google search, and the very first link gives the first flight as 19th September. The only thing in connection with hot air ballooning is the aniversary of the first public demonstration (hardly worth celebratign)

  2. They have got the dates wrong the first hot air balloon was not on June 4th but in November. I wonder where they got their facts from.

  3. Mick June & Googleplex –

    Yeah I did find it odd that none of the dates matched June 4th, so I didn’t post any info about it. Very weird. Thanks for the info!

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