David Cook – “Time Of My Life” [download]

May 22, 2008

-MDOC- is quick to bring you this! Here is David Cook’s winning single – “Time Of My Life” in studio! It’s a great song, I’m glad they didn’t choose “Dream Big“. The song suits Cook’s style perfectly, at the same time, making it his own. GO DAVID COOK!

Download 1: HERE
Download 2: HERE

Enjoy! Congratulations David Cook!

What do you think? Leave comments!



  1. Oooh..my GOSH…
    Cook’s win…

    I’m very happy!!!

    congratulation too for Archuleta, He is amazing too..
    I’ll buy CD’s both of u!!!

    i can’t wait any longer!!cuz they’re my IDOL…….

  2. thank you so much for your songs!!! ❤

  3. thanks for all the songs..(well downloads 😀 )

    …i’m really glad that both DAVIDs made it to the finals…they’re both great…

  4. thanks for the downloads.. but does David A. have his final performance recorded? i really loved that one.. thanks

  5. Where are Top 2 studio recording songs???

  6. ei thanks for this. are there any studio recording from the top 2 performances?

  7. omg… i love this song…
    you’re awesome
    i love david cook… =D

  8. I am deliriously happy. I LOVE David Cook, will go to the tour and buy his CDs.

    He’s a great artist.

  9. thanks a lot!
    this song really suits cookie ^^

  10. thanks a million fer all these!

    david cook is certainly my idol!

    go david u rock!

  11. thank you thank you thank you raph !!!!

  12. Hi, thanks for sharing. 😀

    Will most DEFINITELY BUY both David’s CDs.

    Would be nice if they could do a duet of some sort though…

    **hides under desk**

  13. Hey thanks for the download. Just wondering if you have the studio recordings for david c’s other 3 songs?

  14. Thank you very much for this song.
    David really Rocksssssss!!!!

  15. Ben – Both the Davids did not record the final 3 songs, which is an Idol tradition, since the winner will be announced on the very next day. The only studio recording is the winner’s single, posted here. 🙂

    Hakai – Didn’t they already did a duet in the finale? Cookleta love! XD

  16. I loved the finaly! both days all of the performances were amazing! after it all was over i was speechless it was absolutly amazing!!!! keep up the good work!

  17. hey David just wanted to wish you the Best of Luck. i hope you go far.God bless you and have fun you deserv it.

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