American Idol 7 – Finale – Congratulations David Cook! [recap]

May 22, 2008

Ding ding ding! Our next American Idol is…


Victory! Cook won! Cook won!!! Scream it out! COOK WON!!

David Cook claimed his title with an astonishing 56% of the votes, while Archuleta lost by 44%. The finale garnered in 97million votes, smashing previous records. That’s a whopping 12million votes that Cook won over Archuleta! Wow wow wow.

Cook burst into tears once more after he was announced as the winner, and he performed the winning song “Time Of My Life“. It was truly magical, everyone stood up to congratulate him. Go Cook! Another cheesy song though.

Back to the recap…

The show started with the top 12! They performed “Get Ready” with the So You Think You Can Dance cast. Glad to see everyone back again! Although I wish Idol would let all the top 12 participate in the Idol Summer Tour, not just the top 10.

The top 2 then did a duet together, singing “Hero“. It was very nice, their different voices complementing each other perfectly.

The girl who came oh so close to the finale, Syesha Mercado was given the honours of performing “Waiting For You” with Seal. Syesha was amazing.

For some reason Idol wanted Jason Castro back to sing “Hallelujah“. Aaaah! Skip. Let’s pretend he never performed.

Davids were awarded with Ford Escape Hybrids! WOW! No fair! Jordin and Blake didn’t have cars last year… Hmmm.

Time for the space fillers! Idol showed a clip of David Squared meeting Guru Pitkha (Mike Myers) from the movie, Love Guru. He gave them some valuable life lessons about… hair. Cook should shave his facial hair, and little David will have hair coming out of unexpected places. Oh my. NSFW!! XD The wise Guru even went onstage with his cool mobile “flying”… pillow? Hehe! Mike Myers is one heck of a guy.

The top 6 female contestants (who, by the way, all failed to reach the finals) then sang a medley with Donna Summer. Everyone wore red and sounded hot! Carly and Syesha completely stole the spotlight from the other 4.

Carly Smithson and Michael Johns, both the “shocker eliminations”, were awarded another round on stage, they sang “The Letter” together, it was awesome. Love you Papa and Mama!

After that, the guy who claimed that Simon have nipples the size of pepper mills, comedian Jimmy Kimmel was back to make more fun of the judges and Ryan. He said that Ryan without facial hair and all the feminine metrosexual treatment, will look like… Chris Sligh from Season 6! Oh my. Jimmy went back to criticize Simon and Paula about her psychic abilities. Hehe! Someone Randy escaped from all this.

The top 6 guys then performed a medley with Bryan Adams. All the men wore black and they sounded great.

Sharped Dressed Man” was performed by Cook and ZZ Top. I like the performance, it’s definitely what Cook sounds like.

Graham Nash performed “Teach Your Children Well” with Brooke White. I loved it. It was warm and nice.

NSLGs were high when The Jonas Brothers performed “S.O.S“. Meh. Joe Jonas dropped his mike stand and made it look like it was intentional. Ha! I love that it’s always Joe who does something wrong, like in the AMAs.

Our favourite hero, Renaldo Lapuz is back! He performed his worldwide hit smashing, chart topping self composed song, “We’re Brothers Forever“, which got Randy and Paula to join it again. It was a trainwreck amazing. Seriously it was.

David Archuleta joined One Republic to perform “Apologize“. It was okay. My goodness, Archie stop closing your eyes. Andrew Lloyd Webber will haunt your dreams.

Season 6’s American Idol, Jordin Sparks graced the stage to perform her new single “One Step At A Time“. She looked very pretty in her golden dress. Glad that she isn’t sick anymore!

Time fillers! A clip of Gladys Knight with Jack Black, Ben Stiller and Robert Downy Jr. was shown. It was painfully hilarious. In a bad way.

Season 4’s American Idol, Carrie Underwood sang her new single “Last Name” in a white dress-cut-from-the-knee-down thingy. It looked like what Dolly Parton was wearing while performing “Jesus Gravity” in the top 9. Maybe she borrowed it from her. She was awesome though.

Top 12 performed for the last time, awww gonna miss them. Then George Michael was introduced, singing “Prayer In Time“. Paula was in tears.

And finally after waiting for two long hours… The results!

Randy said that he loved this season and it was one of the show’s strongest ever. He told the Davids they’re both winners, and Paula agreed by adding that this is only the beginning. Simon, who usually has an early winner favourite before the finale, said that he didn’t care regardless who won, loving both the Davids. He apologized to Cook for being too harsh the night before and that Cook deserved all the credit.

And the winner of American Idol season 7 is…


*jumps in joy*

What a great ending to an amazing season! I wish all the contestants all the best in their future careers! GO COOK!

What do you think? Leave comments!

[Photo credits: AmericanIdol.com, Yahoo! TV & David-Cook.org]



  1. yeyyyyyy !!!!!

  2. I love cook and he deserves to win!!!! he definitely has a better package; voice, looks and versatility wise!!! 🙂 Do you have the songs of what they sang in the finale?? I want it badlyyyyyy I LOVE DAVID COOK AND I LOVE YOUR POSTS!

  3. we’re all so happy.

  4. YeSSSSSSSSsssssssssssssssssssss!!!
    He’s win…
    He’s amazing…

    Archuleta is amazing too….

    i love you guys…
    i’ll buy ur CD’s…
    i can’t wait!!!


  5. love cook love cook love cook!!!!

    and MDOC rocks too!!

  6. Whoo Hoo!!!
    My dream comes true!!!!
    Thanks God!!!:)

    I can’t wait to watch the show! cz in I’sia, it’ll be showed on saturday nite T_T

    Go Cook Go!!!!

  7. Hey!
    Well the best man won.
    David A will definitely get a recording deal too, c’mon.
    David C jus has the title “American Idol”.
    Anyways, great post!

  8. congratz….congratz….:)

  9. i tought that archulte will become the winner but unbelievable cook is the winner… i am so glad of that… i really happy cook become the winner… but both of them is the winner i guess…..lol…

  10. Go Cook! People can’t wait for his album.

  11. FINALLY, America didn’t hear what the judges said 😀
    I’m all happy to see DC win !

    Though my mom strongly believed that Gaspy would grab the title after watching the show,
    I was like “Uhmm.. Mom, I’ve read the site (MDOC) telling that David Cook won..”

    then she collapsed.
    hahahaha ! XD

  12. I wanted to be the first to leave comments for this post Raph hehe. Unfortunately because of the 6 hour blackout in our village, I only had the chance now.:) I guess this’ll be my last post so I’ll make it lengthy.;)

    I am really happy that David Cook won! Go David!!! As I said, both of them are winners it just so happen that one of them will be remembered as THE IDOL.:) Even though Archuleta did not win, I believe he’ll have a good career ahead of him. I also think that if EVER that there’ll be a High School Musical 3 (or maybe 4), I guess he’ll be in it don’t you think so?? LOL.

    Both of them did an AMAZING job this season and both deserve high praises! I very much love the final song “Time of my Life” it suits David Cook’s voice perfectly! And the message of the song – WOW.

    I also have to agree with you again about how boring the performance of Jason Castro was! But I guess the reason why he sang it is, it’s the only good song that he sang through the entire season!:DLOL If you’re still up with the protest against him I’ll still join you!LOL Also you were right Syesha and Carly outshined the rest of the girls during their performances, wow wow wow.

    I’ve never been this hyped about American Idol but I think what made me watch this fully – this season is because of the DAVIDS. Both different genres and both geniuses on their own.

    I must say, I’m completely embarrassed when Reynaldo Lapuz sang……. I’m a filipino and so is Ramiele Malubay and so is he. It’s really embarrassing but at least he made it in that stage unlike me. LOL. In my dreams perhaps! 🙂

    Thank you very much for posting American Idol in your blog! I’ve never been interested in doing blogs or leaving comments in blogs, but yours made me do it! LOL. This will be my last post and I hope your blog is still active for the next season!!!:D Ciao and God speed!!!:) Again, don’t hesitate to email me if you’re still planning on that anti-Jason movement! LOL.

    Congratulations DAVID COOK!!!!!!!!!!!

  13. Hello Raph,
    Thanks for all the complete recaps of the AI finale coz I won’t be able to watch it on TV due to my holiday “season” now (forget the TV dans un moment retard!), and great thanks too for the studio mp3.
    Happy birthday for ur blog. It’s great job you’ve made indeed.
    Ah ja, a bit correction about your writing above. Jordin and Blake did got car each of them as a present on finale ep. I still remember; Blake chose the red car while Jordin chose the blue one (or the vice versa? dunno, one thing for sure they really got a car each!). But I don’t remember what ford car was it.
    Ok then, have a nice day, and keep on ur good work.
    Best regards

  14. waw..thanks for complete recaps..
    cook deserved to win this..

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