ANTM Cycle 10 Finale – Winner: Whitney Thompson

May 16, 2008

America’s Next Top Model is…

Whitney Thompson

Whitney beat fellow competitior Anya to win the title of Cycle 10’s America’s Next Top Model. Whitney is the first plus size girl to ever win or even reach the top 6 of ANTM. Ironically, Anya, who have never been in the bottom 2 and was always at the top of the pack, fell short and lost to full figured Whitney, who was in the bottom 2 for 4 times and received heavy blows throughout the competition. Whitney outshone Anya in the CoverGirl ad and final runway, and emerged as the winner. I’m honestly happy for Whitney, she deserved it, but I’m still sad that Anya didn’t win.

What do you think? Leave comments!



  1. i thought ANIA was gonna win i never thought about witney………….

  2. when i saw whitney won i was threw out (vomit)

  3. I really thought ania was going 2 win but whitney won=(

  4. i thouight ania was going to win because she was pritter then whitney

  5. omg. are you kidding?
    i was soooo happy whitney won!

  6. i thought anya shouldv won, but she’ll be back, i know it. and lookin at these pics of whitney, she’s pretty hot!

    Whitney so deserved to win
    finally someone real has one
    not some stick insect guys!!!!!

  8. whitney is very good model!

  9. omg..am so glad that she won…i’m a big fan of her…u go girl….

  10. whitney is antm !!! great! i like whitney,she is lovely

  11. Whitney is mean and rude. She shouldn’t have won. Ania shouold have

  12. I am so happy that Whitney won!!!

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