American Idol 7 – Top 3 Results – Goodbye Syesha Mercado [recap]

May 15, 2008

It went down as everyone predicted it will be since the top 12: David Squared for the finale. Unfortunately it meant saying goodbye to Syesha Mercado, whom we love so much.

Ryan made it short and simple that the two advancing to the next stage were David and David, and Syesha was given the honours of singing her last song on Idol stage. Even the judges stood up to congratulate her.

Spotted in the crowd: The whole top 24! Well, not all of them anyway. Ramiele, Kristy, Michael, Carly, Amanda, David H, Chikezie and Luke were among the few who showed up. Ex-mentor Andrew Lloyd Webber was also in the crowd, so was Chris Richardson, who sat at the back of the judges. Great to see all of them again.

Season 3 winner Fantasia Barrino performed a song which I do not know. She looked like she just had a few bottles of wine, no offense. She sounded like Donald Duck singing, no offense. I just don’t get the Fantasia hype. Even Simon didn’t get her performance, his blank face was priceless.

Idol featured the homecomings of the top 3 idols. Archuleta went back to Utah.

Expectedly a whole bunch of NSLG showed up and wanted to tear Little David off like he’s a piece of meat. Poor guy. Can’t you see? They want to devour you! Run from the NSLG! There wasn’t any male species in sight. Seriously I won’t be surprised if David got so bored of girls and NSLGs he turned gay. XD He performed “Imagine“, and of course, he cried.

Syesha Mercado went back to Florida, hoping for some star treatment as well. Her crowd was smaller than the other two’s mob crowd, but it’s the thought that counts! Syesha received love from everyone and performed “One Rock n Roll Too Many“. Syesha got to ride in limos and private jets and helicopters all in one day. Seriously cool. And, she cried too.

I need those Syesha T-shirts everyone is wearing.

David Cook went back to Missouri to meet his fans. At least David got fans from both sexes. We learnt that David never wanted to try out for the auditions, he was accompanying his brother, Andrew, but got pulled into all the frenzy as well. I don’t think he’s complaining. Look where that got him!

David performed an acoustic “Livin’ In A Prayer“, and also performed and played baseball in a stadium. Unlike the other 2, David’s background music for his video clip was Daughtry’s “What About Now“. That’s some foreshadowing, it’s sort of like the winning song! I’m not complaining. Oh, Cook cried too. Hehe.

Next week!


And the winning song will be revealed. I hope it’s a good, non-cheesy song!

We’ll finally have a male winner again, and this time it’s not Taylor Hicks.

All the best to David Cook! Go Cook!

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[Pics from AmericanIdol.com]



  1. no matter who wins now deserves the AI title. as for me, i hope it’s archuleta coz his genre is the one that i usually sing when i’m bored. i don’t have cook’s tone so i can’t sing much of his songs. hahaha… but i love love love love his performances done by a true artist. So either ways i’ll be happy if one of them wins. GO DAVIDS!!!!

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  4. this is like what i tought and i expected before…. 2 david go around to the finale… everyone can predicted that for a long long time ago…. i don’t know who become a winner… i guest acrchuleta will become a winner because he has many fans rather than david cook…actually both of them is deserve become the winner….if u ask who i prefer become the winner.. i dont know…. i like both of them… they have amazing and incredible voice… but from performance last night david cook is the best.. LOL………… so glad both of them go to the finale………..i can’t wait to know what song they will sing and their performance… LOL…………………..

  5. Actually,David Cook has the same amount of fans as Archuleta (if not more).

    I love ’em both, but I think Archuleta has more talent. Though Cook’s performances are very good.

    I think this is the most unpredictable finale AI has ever had. And that is good.

  6. Well, i’m just hoping that Cook will win! He deserves it!! Go David Cook!!! šŸ™‚

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