American Idol 7 – Top 3 [recap]

May 14, 2008

You’ve got to hand it to the judges. They are pros at choosing songs.

Tonight, each contestant performed three songs which consisted of the judges’ choice, the contestants’ choice and the producers’ choice. By a mile the judges knew what they were doing, and the contestants were completely clueless.

It was down to the top 3 – student vs actress vs bartender. Who will outlast the others?

Suprisingly, David Archuleta was the first one to go, singing:

  • Paula’s choice: “And So It Goes
  • David’s choice: “With You
  • Producers’ choice: “Longer

Wise Paula chose a song with high difficulty that suited him superbly. Ballads, ballads, ballads. David A can do no wrong with ballads. A bit boring, no? David chose Chris Brown’s “With You” for the second round. I have two thoughts about his second performance – 1st, he made it his own, it was nice; 2nd, he murdered the song. I guess it was smart choosing a song that everyone (especially you, tweentards and Noisy Screaming Little Girls (NSLG) ) know, and therefore making it a performance that people will like. His third song was announced and I could not help but sigh. Ballads, ballads, ballads. Zzzzzzz… Imagine David’s future album, packed full of gooey ballads, as Simon commented.

Overall, I think he did well. I have to comment on his wardrobe, whoever dressed him gave him really tight pants for the first round.

Syesha Mercado was stuck in the middle, being second. Her songs were:

  • Randy’s choice: “If I Ain’t Got You”
  • Syesha’s choice: “Fever
  • Producers’ choice: “Hit Me Up”

Syesha shone like a huge star in the first round. She looked gorgeous in her silver gown. Randy chose Alicia Keys’ hugely famous song. Syesha hit the right notes and it was a stellar performance. In the second round, Syesha went back in time and sang “Fever“, showing her sexy moves with a chair as a prop. The judges didn’t like that she didn’t showcase her singing ability. Her third song, “Hit Me Up” (which is from Happy Feet‘s soundtrack, sung by Gia Farell, love that song!) was a huge disappointment and I felt like she was set up. Come on producers, of all the songs you can choose from? Syesha barely sung any lines and was just pulling vocals throughout the whole performance.

Overall, I don’t think she did well enough with song choices, but who knows?

Pimped all the way, but no complaints, David Cook went last. He performed:

  • Simon’s choice: “First Time Ever I Saw Your Face”
  • David’s choice: “Dare You To Move”
  • Producers’ choice: “I Don’t Want To Miss A Thing”

The person who performs Simon Cowell’s song choice is guranteed a spot in the finale, and even winning. Same case scenario, Jordin Sparks last year. (what a coincidence, “Tattoo” is playing on the radio right now) The first song was nice, David sang the song amazingly with high notes, he deserves credit for that. His second song wasn’t that entertaining, but it was good nevertheless. The highlight of the night was definitely the closing song. It was amazing. AMAZING. No matter how much I hate that song.

Overall, Cook & Cowell ruled the night.


In my opinion, the best of each round:

  • Round 1: Syesha
  • Round 2: David A
  • Round 3: David C

So each of them are pretty even, but, the results are incredibly obvious.

I have no doubts, no doubts at all, unless some crazy miracle happens, that the final 2 will be:


Sorry Syesha. The David Squared will rule the whole season. In fact, they already did.

I hereby announce David Cook as the winner of AI7.

What do you think? Leave comments!

[Pics from Yahoo! TV]



  1. […] Read the rest of this great post here […]

  2. I hope you’re wrong about Syesha but … I think the same thing. For the winner. David Cook prove since he’s at Kodak Theater that I could win with a lot of class. Even Archuleta has the grandma’s, motha’s, votes… So… It will be very tough.

  3. yeah…right I agree!!! it’s on between the 2 Davids ๐Ÿ™‚

  4. I agree, Syesha is probably going tonight. A David Squared finale would be amazing. I love both of them, but I want David A. to win; I guess i’m one of those NSLG tweentards!

    By the way, I love the new header. Anya for the win! (Now that Kata is gone.. i’m still upset over that. It was a horrible decision sending her home!)

  5. Yep i believe it’s gonna between the 2 Davids too. Although, for my opinion, Syesha did great yesterday -performance wise. But nonetheless, i love the 3 of them. It’s gonna be tough for America to decide who’s gonna be AI7…:)

  6. im with you man. david cook will win it all.

  7. so now..two davids going to final ..
    both of em has their own strengts and different voice tune … ๐Ÿ™‚

    david cook is AI !

  8. i completely agree with you about cook being the winner. i mean come on archuleta fans, david a’s voice was – i have to admit – pretty good in the beginning, but now its just boring. he has nooo versatility and he doesnt really make a song his own!
    second of all, when they release their albums, cook will be able to capture the attention of many with his amazing rocker voice and personality.

    i want an archuleta fan to tell my why and how he is better.

    [sorry about the ranting but i feel i needed to put it out there for the archuleta fans]


  9. Your comments about the last Archuleta’s song was not fair. He didn’t choose the song, and there was no way he could make it up tempo or more interesting (though I heard that producers didn’t let him do his version of the song so he did the boring version instead).

    For the person above:
    David Archuleta should be AI7 because he is inspiring people with his songs (not only little girls or grandmas). A lot of people just have that good feeling when listening to Archuleta sing. He has such a great tone to his voice – calming and tender.
    And he is original, f.e. by singing ballads at least. Cause a lot of people are afraid to sing them cause they are actually the hardest songs to sing. But Archuleta makes them intersting. And there are some songs that I just hated but Archuleta made me love them.

    FYI, I am not NSLG.

  10. you say that archuleta is inspiring, with ballads.
    david cook sings rocker music – which im sure everyone loves – and has a way to open up your heart.

    im sure if you look on anyones ipod, itll probably be – well mainly be – rock music over ballads

  11. hi!! i believe david cook will win!!!

    just look at his itunes sales compared to archuleta’s this week!! archuleta’s sales after day 1 was only bout a quarter of cook’s sales!!

    archuleta has lost his magic touch.. he is now just a oldtime crooner.. not contemporary enough.. i thought his “with you” was the best song he ever sang in the whole competition.. he should have recorded that as his studio choice.. might have gotten more sales if he did..


  12. Maybe in your area. All my friends has mostly Billboard’s Top 100 on their iPods ๐Ÿ˜€

  13. Both are Davids anyway, so it’s safe to say DAVID will win AI. Woohoo! =.=”

    No matter how much I love the song (Aerosmith – I Don’t Wanna Miss A Thing), I’ll still love it!

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