ANTM Cycle 10 Episode 12 – Ready For My Close Up [watch]

May 9, 2008

I know I know… I skipped an episode. I can’t help it. Katarzyna’s elimination was too painful to recap. Let’s skip the sad talk and get on with the top 4.

Firstly, the videos: (thanks Cruelkiller22!)

Part 1

Part 2

Part 3

Part 4

Part 5


Me gosh my ANTM mood fell a lot now that Kata’s not in the bunch. So only short recaps of what is important!

All hail photography lessons! Paulina and Ann Shoket from Seventeen Magazine gave the girls a challenge on photography. Each of them had to take photos of Paulina (sounds easy, no?) and produce a good work of art while being a good director.

From top left clockwise: Whitney’s, Anya’s, Dominique’s & Fatima’s.

Challenge Winner: Fatima. She won an extra 50 frames in her next photoshoot.

WTF Fatima should quit and take up a job as a photographer already, not a model. Tee hee. You suck, Fatima.

Back at their loft the girls were soooo bored that they hung around the same spot all the time. It’s either the living room or the kitchen. Fatima practiced her walk (it sucked) and Dominique bragged on her self confidence, Whitney not listening one bit and Anya got frustrated at all the negative energy emitted by Dominique. They are all flabbergasted that Dominique is still in the competition.

House Bitch Winner: Dominique. Prize: Nil.

Lol Dominique rules at pulling the other girls down. And she eats in her bed. Go Dominique!

Photoshoot time! The theme this week is a black/white 50s era photoshoot in which the girls are movie stars caught by the paparazzi. Nigel know-it-all-Barker is the photographer. Urgh.

Anya Kop

Annoying-O-Meter Winner: Fatima. This girl doesn’t take in instructions at all. I won’t be surprised if she takes better pictures than Nigel, being the challenge winner and all that. Nigel should switch places with her and take pictures with the male model. Now that’s something!

In panel, Anya’s photo wowed the judges, although it was a photo taken by accident. Whitney’s photo showed her beauty, but the judges wanted more. Fatima’s was all smiley. Who smiles to the paparazzi? The judges hated that she never listens. In a nutshell, she sucks. Dominique was critiqued to be too… Drag. Hello? Boy the judges are slow.

Best Judge Of The Night: Paulina. She’s the only sane judge with Miss J.


  1. Anya
  2. Whitney

Bottom 2: Dominique and Fatima.

Dominique for being to drag and Fatima because she sucks.

Eliminated: Dominique was cut.



This episode is sooo… empty without Katarzyna’s presence. *shudders* Come back, Kata!

I like the photographing with Paulina challenge, it pretty much shows which girl has the most potential in photography and least in modelling. Evidently, Fatima won. Ha! Fatima, you suck.

I am really disappointed Dominique was sent home. She’s the best of the underrated bunch. I was hoping for Fatima . She acts like she’s a know it all. In fact, she sucks.

Anya’s photo is stunning. S-T-U-N-N-I-N-G.

Anya for the win! Please!


CoverGirl Of The Week:

Whitney Thompson for the first time.


Next Episode:

The finale! Can’t wait! The final runway looks ‘normal’ and not like those stupid runways they use in Cycles 7 and 9.

MUSHROOM ALERT! Saleisha will make an appearance! Aaaah! RUN!

Anya vs Whitney vs Fatima. Who will win?

I’m strongly avoiding spoilers, so PLEASE DO NOT POST THEM HERE. Thanks!

What do you think? Leave comments!



  1. haha,domanique was just drag the whole time at the photoshoot.I can’t stand the thing she always do when shes at a photoshoot…she raising ayebrows thing.erghhh! I’m happy shes gone tho.

  2. Wow.. Lots and lots about America’s Next Top Model. Lol.. I don’t watch it anyway, but this one is quite long.. =)

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  4. This season is just.. well it sucked! It feels like Tyra was either paid to choose the winner (not mentioning any names even though I’m sure you’ve seen it already) or she wanted her to win so it would be a winner different from the others.. or something. Because the winner did not at all have the best photos and she should have been eliminated long ago. Always the same face.. gosh.

    THE WINNER SUCKS. Hate her.

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