American Idol 7 – Top 4 Results – Goodbye Jason Castro! [recap]

May 8, 2008

ANTI JASON VICTORY! Victory screech! We shot and killed the sheriff aka tambourine man!!

Goodbye Dreadful Dreadlocks! I can’t help but rejoice at this glorious moment!

Oh my. How… Unflattering.

The last 2 (NOT bottom 2) to be let out of their little hiding place backstage were Jason and of course, Syesha. As everyone in the world predicted, Mr Sheriff who forgot his lyrics was sent home. Muahahaha! It’s good that Jason had already packed his bags as Simon instructed. Good sheriff.

David Archuleta was first given the green light, followed by Mr Wolf, David Cook. Idol wouldn’t dare to touch them.

Meanwhile, in the usual Q&A session, someone asked Simon why he isn’t knighted by the Queen. Yet, my friends, yet. And someone else told him to consider a job as 007. I can’t really imagine it… Can you? The name’s Cowell, Simon Cowell. XD

Maroon 5 was back on stage to perform “If I Never See Your Face Again“, the next single off their album. Meh I don’t like that song.

After Maroon 5, Bo Bice graced the stage for another performance. I really couldn’t stand all the hold-up so I switched the channels. Seriously. Congrats to Bo anyway for a new baby is coming.

In a nutshell, what a joyous night, don’t you agree?


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[Pics from AmericanIdol.com]



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  2. Jason departure was LONG overdue IMHO… Him constantly pushing those rope things out of the way was annoying.

    Little Man (almost 5) commented that he liked Bo’s performance. LOL!!

    I wsa hoping that the final 4 would be both David’s, Brooke & Carly. Alas, it was not. Anyway, I’m rooting for Cook to win, but then again, I wonder how severely beaten Archuleta will be by his father if he comes in 2nd.

  3. not much to say… be honest… i am so glad jason castro back home tonight… it’s what i am reallay expected… he deserve to go back…. really curious who become the top 2… but i think david archuleta and david cook will become the top 2… they have a big fans…unbelieveable…briliant voice too… actually syesah is brilliant too… but unfortunately i guess they dont have a big fans… but who know some miracle happen like in american idol season 6 that i guess mellinda doolitle not in the top 2 but just in the top 3…. she loss with blake…. hehhehehehe…. i guess that my opinion…. hheheehhehe…..

  4. :)…after seeing the episode last tuesday… definetely Jason is going home otherwise it is a popularity contest:) btw, thanks for the upload, too bad no studio records for David A’s Stand By Me 😦

  5. AT LOOOONNNNGG LAST! Victory to the anti-Jason force!
    Go Syesha, and Davids!!! I am overwhelmed with Jason’s elimination so I have nothing more to say but I wouldn’t hear the words “I don’t know!” in a funny kind of way. I am so happy!:D

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