American Idol 7 – Top 4 [recap]

May 7, 2008

What a night full of ups and downs. Go home, Jason! Simon wants you packing!

This week’s theme – Songs that shaped Rock n Roll!

Spotted in the crowd, Carly Smithson! Hullo Carly! Mama Carly was supporting all her babies tonight.

First up was David Cook. (WTF? Cook taking the death spot?) He sang “Hungry Like The Wolf“, and I wasn’t really hungry after watching, but it was a good performance, coming from Mr. Cook himself. His performance here.

Then was Syesha Mercado, who looked awesomely pretty with her straightened hair. She sang another upbeat song, “Proud Mary“. Syesha was again in her zone with all the dancing and the wild singing. She looked like she already won. Whoohooo! Her performance here.

Getting the third spot, Jason Castro. Someone in the audience made a cardboard Jason and stuck black strings all over the head. At first, I thought it was Simon with snakes on his head. Oh well. Mr. Dreadful Dreadlocks sang “I Shot The Sheriff“. My goodness it was soooo hard to watch. My back still aches watching him. Ouch. The judges hated hated it, even dear Paula. Ha! I Shot The Castro! Anti Castro victory! His dreadful performance here.

Pimp spot went to, duh David Archuleta. Little David sang “Stand By Me”. Oi! Josiah Leming, he’s stealing your song! As soon as he announced he was singing that song I couldn’t stop rolling my eyes, cause I knew he’d pull it off, plus it’s a popular song. He did, and even tried to mix in Sean Kingston’s “Beautiful Girls” at a point. (urgh, I HATE that song) He did good. His performance here.

We came back with David Cook who sang “Baba O’Reilly“. It was definitely better than the first one, that’s all I have to say. Simon commented, “Welcome back, David Cook”. His performance here.

Here comes the emotional side of the show! Syesha sang “Change Is Gonna Come“. After giving a superbly (but a little pushed) done performance, Syesha got different reviews from the judges. Randy thought it was over the top on the vocals, and Paula gave her major props for her amazing vocals. Mysterious Simon, surpringly, agreed with Paula, and sent Syesha into tears. I think it was the first time she really cried in front of everyone, and it definitely brought a wave of emotion in the studio. Oh, she looked like a star. GO SYESHA! Her performance here.

The Sheriff who I shot, Jason Castro sang “Mr Tambourine Man“. I thought it was a nice comeback, but weak. Jason even admitted he forgot the lyrics to the song. Tsk tsk tsk. The judges hated it once more, and Simon wanted to help Jason to pack his luggage. Ouch. His performance here.

Last but not least, David Archuleta sang a nice “Love Me Tender“. It was definitely a tender song choice and he sang it tenderly. Lol. Simon said he crushed the competition. Wow, that’s high praise. His performance here.



Top 4, it’s going to be a top 2 pack and a bottom 2 pack. Top 4 spot, the shock elimination spot, where Chris Daughtry was sent packing. Will it happen once more to one of the Davids? I don’t think so. They’re too precious to Idol.

So that leaves us with Jason, and I’m sorry to say, Syesha.

My bottom 2 predictions: Jason, Syesha

My elimination prediction: Jason


Go Syesha!

The top 3 get to sing 3 songs next week, one of their choice, one chosen by the judges, and one from the producers.

What do you think? Leave comments!

[Pics from AmericanIdol.com]



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  3. Excellent review, thank you!
    I really hope the two Davids get to the final 2. That will be a nice finale of season 7. But Syesha has really gotten better these past few weeks!

    Just wondering (and this is a bit off topic), but did you do a recap of ANTM this week when Kat was sent home? D:

  4. I do think that this week is way much better than last week, don’t you agree? For:

    Syesha: you rock! You DEFINITELY deserve the TOP 3 spot. You performed like a superb pro.

    David Archuleta: welcome back!!!! Loved both your songs and I am still a very huge fan of yours. You’re a wonderful kid and you deserve the title American Idol.

    David Cook: I wonder what happened to you?? this was supposed to be your shining moment but I think you did not deliver as well as I anticipated. But still you deserve to be in the finals. I’m still a fan although I don’t really like your genre that much.

    as for Jason Castro: you are the most consistent – consistently boring that is. Playing it safe won’t (I HOPE!) get you to the Top 3 spot. Hated both your songs. If you MIRACULOUSLY survive this ordeal again, i will call ‘Sweeney Todd’ and have him cut my throat!

    Raph, if you wanna have an anti-Jason rally I’ll be volunteering myself to help. hahahaha 😉 Nice job on the updates!

  5. Thanks for the comments guys! 😉

    Randy – I’ll sure have an anti-Jason rally alright! XD

    Christie – I’m still suffering from Kata’s elimination, so I’m still in a grieving mode for her.

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