American Idol 7 – Top 5 Results – Goodbye Brooke White [recap]

May 1, 2008

With the ultimate prize so close in hand, we had to say goodbye to our favourite nanny, Brooke White.

Jason was first given the pass to the sofas after the group number. Awwww man! Of course, he wore his blue jeans. The two Davids were then given the good news too, leaving Brooke and Syesha.

Ryan didn’t announce the bottom 2 this week, so I guess Syesha wasn’t in that category, thank goodness. Syesha, who looked prepared to leave, was shocked when it was Brooke’s turn to go. Brooke immediately burst into tears and choked on her song, while the others stood by her awkwardly. Except Mr. Castro of course, who looked happy that he made it to the next round. *smacks head*

Let’s do some more maths! Top 5 – Brooke White = 3 guys 1 girl. Oh wow. It’s like Season 6 all over again, except this time, the guys are dominating.

Meanwhile, Ryan announced that he lurked around online and proved that all the rumours regarding Paula’s weird demeanor last night was fake, and they all love her. Irrelevant much?

Performing tonight was Natasha Bedingfield, who sang her new single “Pocketful of Sunshine”. Natasha looked awesome and sounded great. Go Natasha! The mentor himself, Neil Diamond sang as well.

We gained immense knowledge tonight as Simon’s ex girlfriend, Tara Miller called in to ask Simon whether he enjoyed their little kiss in his backyard when he was 9. 9? Wow. Simon sure is smooth. Ryan must be jealous.

Spotted in the crowd, Gina Glocksen from Season 6 (go Gina!) sitting with Season 4’s Constantine Maroulis, and Season 5’s Ace Young right in front of them. Kristy Lee Cook was also in the audience, cheering for her fellow friends. Got your horse back, Kristy?

So Syesha has edged another round, the Davids continue to dominate, while Jason is in his own happy world. My guess is that Syesha will pass Jason for another week, and landing in third like Vonzell in Season 4, while the dream team of David vs David take on the finale.

Rock n Roll theme is up next week! I predict a glorious night for Cook, and a downfall for Jason.

MDOC Victory! XD

What do you think? Leave comments!

[Pic from AmericanIdol.com]



  1. Hey! I haven’t commented on last week and this week’s AI yet. I hate the fact Michael is gone(boohoo, sorry). Anyways! I totally disagree with you that Jason is boring in your previous post! I’m sick and tired of David C all rockin’ every song he gets, and Brooke’s emotional elapses. I was so expecting Brooke to be booted out. The only point I watch the show now is for Jason and Syesha! But we all know that David C is going to win already.

  2. i meant to type Davic A in the last line.

  3. i really disagree to you “up”…. brooke actually dont deserve to go back…… jason didnt have ability to sing very well.. i thought that jasn would go back tonight but i totally wrong….. this week and last week i really hope jason eliminated because carly and broke especially better than him…jason reaaly boring becuase whatver he sing nothing improvment n power…brooke have a good personality, unique voice.. i really dissapointed when he went now….and for your opinion to david cookk i really disagre.. he have a brave n brilliant voice like archuleta…. jason will eliminated next week.. and the winner in this season can arculeta or cook. both of have strong performance.. i can’t say anyhting if the winner is jason castro… its totally wrong choices.. sorry i said like that.. but it is true… he can survive until now cause their charm (like simon said) doesnt because he good as well as the other… and for this website.. really thx coz this website really help me to download this song…hhehehehe… thx at all….

  4. Hi!
    Did they only release one song from each idol? They sang 2. Please tell me.

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