American Idol 7 – Top 5 [recap]

April 30, 2008

To sum it up, tonight was, as Simon would say, an utter chaos.

As usual, the top 5 sang 2 songs each, but clever Idol wanted to save time by squeezing 10 performances in an hour. Let’s do some maths! 5 x 2 = 10. 10 x 60minutes = mess. I would say this is the worst week ever in Season 7.

There were new Coke bottles/cups/mugs whatever you want to call them. I wonder what they fill them with? Coke? Simon drank a lot tonight. And was Paula on ‘coke’? I didn’t know she was psychic, she could foresee Jason’s 2nd song before he even sang. Judges + Coke = Mess!

Random note, someone’s husband has a guy crush on Ryan, and Simon is the Governor of Cowell-fornia. Okay.

Here are my rankings of the night:

5. Jason Castro

Songs: “Forever In Blue Jeans” & “September Morn”

Jason x 2 songs = mess! I think his song choice was ironically spot on. Jason wears blue jeans every week. Forever in blue jeans. Please leave in blue jeans as well. Even the judges disliked him this week. Poor Paula… I can barely watch him perform, he’s just soooo boring. Jason + performing = Zzzzzzz….

4. David Archuleta

Songs: “Sweet Caroline” & “America”

David can be the runner up in the Most Boring Idol. He just comes back week after week with the same style and the same vocals and the same thing over and over again it’s tiring. David’s old moves x 12 = Hell. Nevertheless he has screaming little girls behind him to back him up, and a pumped Randy Jackson never fail to praise his ‘singing ability’ (to put people to sleep?) Zzzzz… And what’s up with the patriotic song? Oh so he’s going for the Kristy Lee Cook route. Oh well I guess that works.

3. Brooke White

Songs: “I’m A Believer” & “I Am… I Said

Brooke’s 2nd song made up hugely for her terrible first one. “I’m A Believer” was a total mess. I loved her second performance with the piano, it was the old Brooke who sang “Let It Be” in the top 12 that we all love. The judges all loved her comeback after last week’s incident. Did anyone notice Paula’s rambling about Idol Gives Back? Uhhhhh… Brooke + Piano = awesome.

2. David Cook

Songs: “I’m Alive” & “All I Really Need Is You”

David deserves credit for coming back strong week after week. This week definitely wasn’t his strongest, but it was better than his *ahem* fellow contestants. “I’m Alive” was nice, with the guitar, and “All I Really Need Is You”, with the guitar too, was great. Brilliantly done, Cook can do no wrong. Studio version would be awesome. Cook + Emo Hair < Cook + Rocker Hair. Agreed?

1. Syesha Mercado

Songs: “Hello Again” & “Thank The Lord For The Nighttime”

What an appropriate song choice. Hello again Syesha! After being in the bottom 2 for countless goodness knows how many times, Syesha is back to prove herself Idol-worthy. Crazy finally, Syehsa got the pimped spot! Syesha sported a new, straightened (and curled at the end?) hairstyle, making her look more grown up and beautiful. “Hello Again” showed a vulnerable side of her, while her 2nd song lived up the whole place with her hand-clapping rhythm. Syesha never fails to smile even though hitting low points week after week, she is one heck of a lady. In the remaining final 5, she’s a shining star.


I’m still in my anti-Jason mood. Wait… I’m always in that mood. Silly me.

I can’t really see David A in the bottom2/3, but he really has to be there as well. Let’s see whether Idol has the guts to do so or not. Tee hee.

Brooke might be safe another week, she’s stranded in the middle. D’Cook is duh, safe. So far he’s the only one guaranteed to get a spot in the top 4.

Syesha really can’t go home. No she can’t. I hope she doesn’t. She got the pimp spot. Pimp spots are magical.

Jason got the death spot. Muahahahaha.

My bottom 3/2 predictions: Jason, Brooke (David A/Syesha)

My elimination prediction: Jason/Brooke

Save Brooke and Syesha!


Idol – Jason = better top 4.

What do you think? Leave comments!

[Pics from Yahoo! TV]



  1. although i’m a HUGE fan of david a., i guess i have to agree that he is getting boring. the thing is his last song choices are not like him at all. i mean after mariah week i wasn’t crazy about his song choices anymore including this week.

    syesha and david c. are the best for me this week. brooke, had a “let it be” come back on the piano which i loved about her before. and jason has still my grudge for letting carly out last week, so i’m still also in my anti-jason mode.

    but for all we know, he could be safe for another week. you know what they say if you think bad of a person the opposite happens to them.

    i really WISH though that america would open their EARS and listen to how super boring jason’s songs are.

    those who have the power to vote, please vote those who are worthy for the top 4 spots. PLEASE.

  2. p.s. this is a singing contest not an attitude contest. 🙂

  3. hehe thanks for the funny recap. i’m not a fan of neil diamond so i cant comment much. didn’t watch it either. 😛

  4. è molto interessante…anche se a me interessava solamente trovare il nome della cantante di “I’m A Believer”…

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