ANTM Cycle 10 Episode 10 – VIVA ITALIA! [watch]

April 25, 2008

CoverGirl questa settimana, ancora una volta, ha gettato un non frizzante ragazza fuori dalla finestra. Facile, ventilata, bello …? Non!

Get it? No? Oh well.

The videos: ( thanks to dodash8 )

Part 1

Part 2

Part 3

Part 4

Part 5


  • The girls said hello to Rome, Italy!
  • They went to the coliseum.
  • Anya fell head first on her ‘first step’ in Rome! Poor gal.
  • The top 6 headed to their amazing new loft.
  • Fatima fell ill.
  • Momma Anya was tired of the other girls talking behind Fatima’s back, and sent food to Fatima’s bed.
  • They were given a tour around Italy.
  • The challenge: Impressing designer Gai Mattiolo in his dresses.
  • Challenge winner: Anya.
  • Her prize: a couture gown.
  • This week: A CoverGirl commercial for the CG Queen Collection In Italian.
  • Piersandro Buzzanea was the director, along with Jay Manuel and Brent Poer from CG.
  • Anya’s Italian was weird, but she was bubbly and approachable.
  • Katarzyna excelled her commercial with her fluent Italian, but she was flat.
  • Dominique had the weirdest Italian, but she was comical and energetic.
  • Lauren flunked with her non-CG attitude, she gave up.
  • Fatima was named best of the day.
  • Whitney had problems with her over the top performance.
  • The judging room was gorgeous.
  • Tyra changed her hairstyle, finally.
  • Fatima got rave reviews.
  • Whitney was criticized for being fake.
  • Anya fell flat, but it was lovable.
  • Dominique’s was hilarious, it cracked the whole panel up.
  • Lauren was scolded for giving up.
  • Katarzyna wanted to show more personality by correcting Tyra on her name’s pronunciation.
  • She aced her commercial.
  • Tyra didn’t like the end, she thought it was sexy boring. Paulina and Buzzanea disagreed, saying she was awesome.


  1. Fatima
  2. Katarzyna
  3. Anya
  4. Dominique

Bottom 2: Whitney and Lauren.

Whitney was there for her fakeness, which has irritated the panel for many times. Lauren was there for not being CG material and not trying hard enough, cause a top model also needs to speak regardless having a great portfolio.

Eliminated: Lauren was cut from the scene.



The only people I see in the final 3 now is Anya and Fatima. Anya is locked in the finals for sure. No doubt. Fatima is picking herself up and has impressed the judges.

I LOVE Katarzyna for smacking Tyra in the face. Well, not really smacking. Great job at correcting Tyra! Poor Tyra. Not! Tyra got so fed up of her she even ordered (!) the other girls to mimic Kata’s commercial. Urgh. I’m disgusted. Take that, Tyra! Kata needs a first call out!

It’s definitely Lauren’s time to go as well, she can’t survive that long. Even if she makes it to the top 3, she’ll get cut as well for not being a CoverGirl. And even if she makes it to the finale, she can’t walk the runway with that horrible walk. Sorry, Lauren.

Whitney, close your mouth! She’s so fake in the commercial. And anyone notice that Whitney has the most confessionals? It’s about 20+ per episode every week. I’m glad Kata got some too.

Anya was so sweet to help Fatima. She definitely gained a huge amount of fans these weeks.

Kata and Anya final 2 please. Katanya rocks!


CoverGirl of the Week:

Anya! Finally. The Anya Koperations are sure rejoicing right now. Although I felt Kata deserved to get it, since she had a much better commercial.


Next Episode:

Tyra is the photographer, where the girls pose in over-the-top hair and makeup. And the girls meet some gladiators!

Spoilers: None for now.

What do you think? Leave comments!



  1. crap crap crappp … covergirl …
    but.. Kat should called first though .. Tyra is ^%^*^ .. she hate Kat for no reason ..
    Go Paulina .. ! stand up for the best !

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