American Idol 7 – Top 6 Results – Goodbye Carly Smithson [recap]

April 24, 2008

Shocking? Not really. Expected? I guess. Carly was eliminated. Okay.

As any other season, the group was divided into 3 groups of 2. The first group were the Davids. Honestly, if someone who have never watched this show before accidentally switched to watch American Idol would think that a father, David Sr was leading his son, David Jr out onto the stage. They were both, expectedly, safe.

The next duo was Syesha and Brooke. Syesha looked happy to be there and was confident that she would advance to the next round. But poor Syesha was reduced to tears when Ryan announced that she would be heading to the stools for another week, and Brooke was given the pass to the sofas.

Last were Carly and Jason, and I had my fingers crossed that Jason would be in the bottom 2. Alas, Carly was asked to join Syesha, and Jason who looked so selfishly happy for himself, headed to the couch.

Despite being the strongest 2 performances of the night, the top 2 were the bottom 2. After singing a reprise of their songs, Carly was announced to head back home. A dumbfounded Syesha was shocked, I think it’s unfair that you keep scaring the girl week after week but still keeping her in the game, it must be tearing her apart. Even though being in the bottom 2, Carly and Syesha, roommates, both looked immensely happy, they should be, for their performances were stellar. Momma Carly was given the boot, and as Simon said, she can hold her head up high and leave. Go Carly!

Meanwhile, Jason looked lost in his own world… I don’t think he was aware of anything going around him. I think I should start an anti-Jason campaign. He should not be there at all. Little girls please stop voting for Jason. You DO NOT want someone dreamy to win. Imagine Ryan announcing him winning and all Jason can reply is, “huh.”

Simon’s number one girl, Leona Lewis hit the stage and take on her chart topping number one hit, “Bleeding Love“. Man I can’t get enough of this girl. She sang superbly and looked amazing. Fire was even arranged to shoot out behind her while she sang, probably arranged by Simon to boost her performance. Go Leona!

And the random stuff. Ryan kissed Simon. Seriously. On the head I mean. Okay. President Bush and his wife made a cameo, thanking the people of American for donating money. Okay. Idol Gives Back raised a total of $65million this year, less than last year’s. Hmmm. Neil Diamond is mentoring the top 5. Alright.

In a nutshell, it was probably the most cheerful elimination of the whole season. Congrats to Carly for breaking the guy-gal-guy-gal elimination.

Cut Jason, pronto.

What do you think? Leave comments!

[Pic from AmericanIdol.com]



  1. Good Blog. I will continue reading it in the future. Nice layout too.

    Aaron Wakling

  2. […] Read the rest of this great post here […]

  3. yes, I think Jason will be the next to be voted of…base on performance… though he’s quite popular maybe because of his eyes πŸ™‚

  4. i think i’ll join your anti-Jason group. LOL. πŸ˜‰
    it’s not that i don’t like his voice, it’s just that he is plainly boring. his song choices are the ones that you wanna hear when you go the beach. but not songs that you would like to hear over and over. sorry for the jason fans out there. it’s just that his performances are getting weaker and weaker every week when it’s supposed to be the other way around..

    more power raph!

  5. It was the MOST SATISFYING result ever!!! You said that the bottom 2 were very good performers, but honestly, do you think Syesha is better than Fantasia or Jordin? OK it’s not fair to compare her to the ACTUAL WINNERS, so do you think Syesha is better than Melinda & Lakisha of last year? No, no, no. She doesn’t give a believable performance. Everything seems to be just an act from her, she lacks emotions and sincerity. Want a proof? She said also to Ryan that she enjoyed performing coz she was acting to be somebodyelse …. d’oh! Brooke keeps having nerves but she gives a real emotion in performing. As Simon said, it made her human. Brooke is real, genuine and 100% honest in trying to live for her American Dream. Syesha is already having her American Dream somewhat, don’t forget that she IS an actress/model/singer already. And Carly, a failed album … remember? The double personalities … I want to be a rock chick with an awful tattoo and a girly attitude to match??? You said she sang well but for me it was all shrieking. Look at Leona Lewis and look at Carly. Get it??? Being genuine? She said that she had been chosing songs to show her singing ability … d’oh … And as for Jason, he is what he is. That’s his personality. For me, I just smile everytime Jason does himself. It shows that he’s real and genuine, not fake. Do you prefer someone who faked crying with no tears instead? For example: Carly SOUNDED crying while holding a golden ticket in the exit video, but look closely, where were the tears??? And you said Jason was selfishly happy for himself??? Well, it’s an individual contest anyway and don’t forget he’s a guy. He doesn’t have to act sad, rite? So anyway, this is my comment, don’t take it personally πŸ˜€
    Thanks a lot for downloads. You are awesome. STAY TRUE TO YOURSELF !!!

  6. i shall join your anti-jason club too. have never liked him since the beginning. i don’t think he has a powerful voice to begin with. i remember seeing flies above his head during one interview. gross. it must be really difficult to keep his dreadful dreadlocks clean.

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