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American Idol 7 – Top 6 – Studio Recordings [download]

April 24, 2008

Andrew Lloyd Webber lead the Idols into Broadway music… Or rather to their death.

– American Idol 7 – Top 6 Studio Recordings –

Andrew Lloyd Webber Week

Track List:

  1. Syesha Mercado – “One Rock ‘n’ Roll Too Many”
  2. Jason Castro – “Memory”
  3. Brooke White – “You Must Love Me”
  4. David Archuleta – “Think Of Me”
  5. Carly Smithson – “Jesus Christ Superstar”
  6. David Cook – “The Music Of The Night”

Best tracks of the bunch, the bottom 2’s. Carly’s is just simply amazing as she was on stage. So isĀ  Syesha’s.

David Cook’s track is nice as well, but for those who are not into Broadway, it sounds like a lullaby. David Archuleta’s is good too, but forgettable.

Brooke and Jason just have okay tracks. Especially Jason’s, but it does sound better than his take live.

Overall Carly’s and Syesha’s are the only tracks worth listening to.

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American Idol 7 – Top 6 Results – Goodbye Carly Smithson [recap]

April 24, 2008

Shocking? Not really. Expected? I guess. Carly was eliminated. Okay.

As any other season, the group was divided into 3 groups of 2. The first group were the Davids. Honestly, if someone who have never watched this show before accidentally switched to watch American Idol would think that a father, David Sr was leading his son, David Jr out onto the stage. They were both, expectedly, safe.

The next duo was Syesha and Brooke. Syesha looked happy to be there and was confident that she would advance to the next round. But poor Syesha was reduced to tears when Ryan announced that she would be heading to the stools for another week, and Brooke was given the pass to the sofas.

Last were Carly and Jason, and I had my fingers crossed that Jason would be in the bottom 2. Alas, Carly was asked to join Syesha, and Jason who looked so selfishly happy for himself, headed to the couch.

Despite being the strongest 2 performances of the night, the top 2 were the bottom 2. After singing a reprise of their songs, Carly was announced to head back home. A dumbfounded Syesha was shocked, I think it’s unfair that you keep scaring the girl week after week but still keeping her in the game, it must be tearing her apart. Even though being in the bottom 2, Carly and Syesha, roommates, both looked immensely happy, they should be, for their performances were stellar. Momma Carly was given the boot, and as Simon said, she can hold her head up high and leave. Go Carly!

Meanwhile, Jason looked lost in his own world… I don’t think he was aware of anything going around him. I think I should start an anti-Jason campaign. He should not be there at all. Little girls please stop voting for Jason. You DO NOT want someone dreamy to win. Imagine Ryan announcing him winning and all Jason can reply is, “huh.”

Simon’s number one girl, Leona Lewis hit the stage and take on her chart topping number one hit, “Bleeding Love“. Man I can’t get enough of this girl. She sang superbly and looked amazing. Fire was even arranged to shoot out behind her while she sang, probably arranged by Simon to boost her performance. Go Leona!

And the random stuff. Ryan kissed Simon. Seriously. On the head I mean. Okay. President Bush and his wife made a cameo, thanking the people of American for donating money. Okay. Idol Gives Back raised a total of $65million this year, less than last year’s. Hmmm. Neil Diamond is mentoring the top 5. Alright.

In a nutshell, it was probably the most cheerful elimination of the whole season. Congrats to Carly for breaking the guy-gal-guy-gal elimination.

Cut Jason, pronto.

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