American Idol 7 – Top 6 [recap]

April 23, 2008

It’s Andrew Lloyd Webber week as the top 6 tackle Broadway songs. Oh uh. Red lights! red lights! At least for some of them anyway.

This week was full of drama and emotions – those with big voices shone brightly.

Syesha Mercado went, surprisingly first, again. Seriously, it’s sooo obvious that Idol producers want her to be booted. First to perform = death spot. It’s so unfair. Syesha sang “One Rock ‘n’ Roll Too Many“. She definitely rocked and rolled her performance. She looked glamorous. She was in her genre. She had mad vocals. She had the sexy moves. In one word, she was: AWESOME. I was blown away and was very happy that Syesha was finally outshining the others. Ricky Minor even joined in to dance. The judges were obviously impressed, especially Simon, who was turned on. Go Syesha! Her performance here.

The show peaking too soon is what I have to say, for Jason Castro took a tumble as he sang “Memory“. Honestly, Jason sounded like a fish out of the water this week. Broadway for Castro. That’s not good. Andrew Lloyd Webber and the judges sensed immediately that Jason had no clue to what he was singing. Paula bragged on how good (hint hint) he was and all I wanted to do was to shut her up. His performance here.

Next was Brooke White who looked absolutely stunning. She took on “You Must Love Me“. This was the low blow of the show – Brooke forgot her lyrics. She stopped, turned to the band and say “I’m sorry can we…” and she started her song once more. Oh my goodness. I fell so sorry for Brooke – poor girl! I’ll be devastated if I were her. After that she was holding back tears so that her voice was a little restrained to sing well. Nevertheless, I think Brooke grasped the concept of the song incredibly well – she was the only one showing sad emotions. Paula was frustrated at her for stopping in the middle of the song, while Simon and Randy showed some kindness and said they’d done the same if they were in Brooke’s shoes. Her performance here.

Things started to pick up as David Archuleta went next. He sang “Think Of Me” from Phanton Of The Opera. Pretty witty, consider that it’s a popular play. Webber advised David to open his eyes while singing. Hehe, now he have to overcome closing his eyes. I noticed that he stopped licking his lips, and he kept doing the hand-on-heart sign thing to show his acknowledgment to his fans, otherwise known as the “Arch Angels”. The judges liked it, I didn’t. I find it rather boring. But oh well, I’m not America am I now. Randy went on, again, about “If you can sing, you can sing anything”. I’d like to see him switch it up – from ballads to some uptempo songs. His performance here.

Pretty Carly Smithson went next, singing “Jesus Christ Superstar“. What a weird name for a song. Webber chose the song for her, and he hit the jackpot. Carly sang amazingly good. Ecstatic Carly went over to the band and took a blue shirt, which read “Simon Loves Me (This Week)”. Ummm okay. It’s like saying “Jesus Loves Me (This Week)”. Lol. I’d like to see her wear that. On the down side, the text is written is Comic Sans font, I DESPISE Comic Sans. Team Anti-Comic Sans! Her performance here.

As expected, David Cook went last. Can they be anymore obvious? Pimped pimped pimped pimped pimped! He’s always near last to perform. Oh well, I’m not complaining. This David sang another Phantom song, “Music Of The Night“. I guess he pretty much so nailed it, I loved how he ended the song. It definitely showed another side of David, he’s versatile, he’s popular, he can sing – who’s complaining? His performance here.


What’s up with the 2 Davids? Both singing songs from “Phantom”, both wearing similar outfits, both getting the same response from Randy. Hehe! They are absolutely positively safe with their massive fanbase. Refer: David A’s little girly underage fans who wanted to hug and crush him.

Hopefully Syesha’s stellar performance could safe her from appearing in the bottom 3. And if Idol is so desperate to get rid of her, fine, the show is rigged.

Brooke is definitely appearing in the bottom 3 for another week, and I can sense a whole lot of emotion and drama that is going to happen. Jason can’t escape with his mediocre performance either. Carly may be safe, may be in the bottom 3, but she’s not going home for sure.

My bottom 3 predictions: Jason, Brooke, Syesha/Carly.

My elimination prediction: Jason

I think Jason will get the boot – it’s a male’s turn to go. Besides I’m desperate to save Brooke.


What do you think? Leave comments!

[Pics from Yahoo! TV]



  1. I really think Carly should go. It’s not that she doesn’t have a really strong voice, she has. But my problem with her is that her voice just isn’t pretty. It is way too loud in a almost nasally kind of way. I don’t really know how to explain it.

    And her really high notes just sound pushed way over the limit. Uh..

  2. Very nice blog ! Thanks for the downloading of the studio recording.
    About this top 6. I think exactly like you. But I think it will be Brooke who got the boot. I’m so in love of Syesha. She’s more and more wonderfull each week. Even if the producers want her gone ! And she’s so sexy.
    Carly is good too ! But she lacks a little something to shine totally and to have the potential to win.

  3. Interesting night.
    Brooke “lost” the lyrics. A big deal was made of it.
    David A mumbled/forgot the lyrics (second verse). No one (the judges) mentioned it.
    Carly messed up the lyrics (first chorus). Again, no one noticed – probably because her performance was much better than previous ones.
    It’ll be interesting again tonight to see how it all comes out…

  4. I couldn’t agree more with what you have written.

    Syesha was close to perfect that night although she ‘ahem’ sang a little bit ahead of the band if nobody noticed. But she immediately sync with the band after that. Nonetheless, i loved her performance and she was – hot! She might be in the bottom 3, but she’s definitely positively “should be” safe this week, i mean America please give justice to the lady! She’s vocally wonderful. 😉

    David Cook, again WOWed me for the nth time. ‘Music of the Night’ is one of my favorite phantom songs and he sang it wonderfully. Although, a lot of you might disagree with me, i would’ve loved it better if he used a low key in the end…

    I liked David Archuleta’s version of ‘Think of Me’, he made it his own. It IS my all time favorite phantom song. I also agree with Simon that it is somehow weak in a sense. Not crazy about it just like his other songs but nonetheless i liked it.

    Carly ‘whew’ was blazing hot, I mean with a powerful voice like that I couldn’t pick a better song than what she sang. I loved her performance and it looked like she was having fun herself since, i think, this is the first time that I’ve seen her smiled all throughout her performances. 😀 Bravo to Carly!

    Brooke stunned me. She did better in her rehearsal than her live performance. I mean when I heard her sang ‘You must love me’ in front of Lord Andrew she gave-me-the-chills but not in her live version though. She’s a witty girl i must tell you that. I mean to stop the band in the middle of the performance? It’s the second time that she did that and I couldn’t agree more with what Paula said. According to Carly’s song ‘The show must go on’ whether you made a mistake or not. Anywho, she’ll definitely fall in the bottom 3 this week… 😦

    Jason, is OUT of his genre. I mean i couldn’t spell Awkward without his name in it. I don’t mean to be rude, but he is definitely not gonna make it through this week. I don’t have anything else to say.

    My bottom 3 is like what you said Raph. And I also think that this will be Jason’s last night on Idol. More power to David A., David C., Carly, and Syesha!!!:D

  5. oh my god. i hate comic sans TOO!!!
    i love this sight by the way.
    david archuleta bugs me *rolls eyes*

  6. So it appears you only post comments that effusively agree with you?

    Nice to know…

  7. O MY GOD. I can’t believe what happened for this weeks elimination there must be a mistake!!!!?? Guys watch and find out. I’m in shock mode.

  8. Gully – Nope I approve all comments that are non-related to spamming. Every comment needs to go through moderation – it’s a default setting. If you have posted once and is approved, then you can post next time without going through moderation, since you’re considered as ‘spam free’.

  9. Raph,
    Sorry, my mistake. I posted soon after I saw your comments. When I checked back a bit later, two other posts had appeared and mine was nowhere to be seen. I naturally thought… well, no matter. My apologies. I’ll be more patient next time. And you have a very nice blog here. Thanks for writing it.

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