ANTM Cycle 10 Episode 9 – For Those About To Walk, We Salute You [watch]

April 20, 2008

Injustice written all over.

Firstly, the videos: (thanks dodash8!)

Part 1

Part 2

Part 3

Part 4

Part 5


Fatima does her little calculation and found out that they’re left with 7 girls, which obviously meant they’re going abroad soon. Fatima dug into her mind and realized that if she is going abroad, she needed a passport. Fatima’s dream shattered as she realized that she doesn’t have one. Oh uh.

Paulina Porizkova came over to teach the girls how to respond in an interview. Like Tyra, she gave them important ‘life lessons’. She then transformed into Mrs.DuBois. Katarzyna wanted to serve her. Dominique called her Paulina. Oops! The girls then guessed that they’re going to have an interview challenge soon. *smacks head* Duh.

Lauren, Whitney and Anya got bored and wanted to make some potato pancakes. Poor Lauren who never used a knife before cut through half of her thumb. Awww. You should ask Fatima to choke on it.

Tyra Mail! isn’t digital as it came with a box of… Lemons! Turned out they were going to a 7Up party. Designer Jay Godfrey handpicked gorgeous gowns for them to wear to the event.

The girls arrived on the “green carpet” and met a crowd of fake media press. A lady interviewed everyone, including Lauren who uttered (lol! get it? Lauren Utter? Okay…) a meanie word, and Dominique who said “Jay Georgio” made her dress. Smart. Then they entered the party and try to sell themselves. As a model I mean. We got to see Paulina’s husband, Cycle 8’s Jaslene, Cycle 2’s April and oh, Nigel, who seemed incredibly bored.

It was obviously a challenge and ever cheerful Anya obviously won and she obviously received a price, BUT, she wasn’t allowed to bring friends along. Anya won a photoshoot with 7up to promote their new drink, which is all natural. AND she got paid. Wow. Anya received $10,000. She can quit the competition altogether already.

Tyra Digital Mail arrived to tell the girls to pack up! Obviously they screamed and screamed and screamed and packed. Katarzyna and Anya shared a cute moment together in the confessional. Awwwww.

The next morning they arrived at the airport, all ready to fly. Alas… It was only a backdrop for the photoshoot. Oh. The photoshoot was of them rushing into a plane! How exciting. It’s going to be a group shit shot. Fatima told Mr Jay that she needed to rush to her appointment with the consulate to get her travel documents! How sad.

Fatima obviously missed the photoshoot. Awww. Not.

Mr Jay asked them to go into a hangar and what do they find….? 5 little judges all sitting in line!

Meanie Tyra asked where Fatima was, as if she didn’t already know. Fatima ran into the hangar right on time and apologizes. Meanie Tyra says whatever.

Meanie Tyra became Mysterious Tyra and told the girls they would flew to a secret location. Oooooooh. How exciting. The girls obviously screamed and screamed.

Katarzyna produced a great photo, but Nigel wanted more personality. Damn you Nigel. Lauren was credited for her photo, but criticized for her insecurity in front of the judges. Dominique was also complimented, Tyra compared her photo to Joanie’s crumping photo in Cycle 6. Damn you Tyra. Joanie >>>> DoManique Dominique.

Stacy Ann got heavy blows. Fake. Bad photo. Over the top. Big jaw. Just to name a few. Whitney was trying out for Miss America. Don’t they notice that there isn’t a photo of Whitney with her mouth shut? Anya-who-can-do-no-wrong was perfect.


  1. Anya
  2. Lauren
  3. Dominique
  4. Katarzyna
  5. Whitney

Bottom 2: Stacy Ann and Fatima.

Fatima was there by default. The judges felt her portfolio was much stronger than Stacy Ann’s. Stacy Ann was there for a fakeness and bad photo.

Eliminated: Stacy Ann missed the plane. They shared a cute moment together too. Awwww.



Kata getting the no personality edit really pisses me off. How can someone have no personality? Urgh. Well, Kata is one of the most popular contestant this cycle. Take that Tyra & Nigel.

Fatima shouldn’t have got the pass. She should have been sent home for not participating in the photo shoot. Injustice. Stacy Ann deserves to stay. U.N.F.A.I.R.

Anya really shone this week. Good for her.

How cute was Kata and Anya in the confessional? Awwww!


CoverGirl of the Week:

Lauren, surprisingly.


Next Episode:

The girls arrive in Rome! And they take on an Italian commercial. That spells doom.

Spoilers: (highlight at own risk)

Bye bye Lauren. Katarzyna is said to annoy the judges. Anya continues to shine. Fatima redeems herself.

What do you think? Leave comments!



  1. cool banner you have there ..
    yay for Lauren CGOTW ..that’s mean .. many people like her too .. 🙂

    for those photo .. Lauren, Anya, Kat did the best .. i didn’t like DoManique’s ..
    it’s too much i think..
    whitney n stacy ann just <<<< than the others..
    fatima ?? in Lauren’s beg as u said.. LOL .. she fits in it.
    but overally ..this photoshoot is nice and little classy .. love it ..

    Anya n Kat soooo cute in that confesional .. finally they show Kat (but a little)

    and poor Lauren .. this week .. her thumb chopped..next week .. commercial.. ugghh.. hate it !

  2. I’ll tell you why they say Kat has no or too little personality. It is because she has, at least in front of the judges and often in the house too.

    That’s why she’s likeable. She’s not bitchy like some of the others, and she seems normal. On top of that she is gorgeous.

    But I don’t blame Tyra for saying she has no personality, bacause that’s true. But she’s my favorite too.

    One thing I don’t get is why everyone hates Fatima. Sure she was really annoying in the beginning of the show and didn’t think before she spoke, but compared to the others her face is the most stunning of all. And she’s hasn’t been annoying now for a while.

  3. Where do you get your poilers from? Just curious.

  4. Kelly – theyre from FORT. (http://fansofrealitytv.com) It’s a forum for reality shows – ANTM is huge and a lot of spoilers come from there.

  5. […] thanks dodash8! Part 1 Part 2 Part 3 Part 4 Part 5 Recaps: Fatima does her little calculation ahttps://greenbande.wordpress.com/2008/04/20/antm-cycle-10-episode-9-for-those-about-to-walk-we-salute…’Dancing With the Stars’ steps its way toward its 100th episode The Plain DealerWe take a look at […]

  6. What place does Lauren come on ? , I live in Sweden and the season is going on the TV . I totally Love Lauren .

  7. Johanna –
    Lauren comes in sixth place! She lost because she couldnt deliver her CoverGirl ad.

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