American Idol 7 – Top 7 [recap]

April 16, 2008

Divalicious Mariah Carey was this week’s mentor as the contestants were challenged to sing songs which have been Mariah-ed. There would be the obvious comparison thing going on as we all expected.

Simon wanted some beef at Randy’s luau and Paula was just enjoying the ride. Ryan can’t stop muttering about Michael Johns. As if we needed reminding.

I’m quite frankly impressed by everyone this week, being the ‘Mariah week’ and all that, the guys stomped the girls all over tonight, even though both parties did well. So, let’s do some countdowns! From worst (or at least, the worst of the best) to the best of them all.

7. Jason Castro – “I Don’t Wanna Cry”

Don’t cry Jason, Simon loved you. I felt weird that the producers made Jason to close the night, thus getting the pimped spot. Maybe cause of his ‘outstanding’ performance last week. It’s not that I don’t like Jason’s performance, it just doesn’t connect to me very much… Yeah. He definitely wasn’t bad, it just wasn’t good enough. Maybe I should hang out at his luau too. His performance here.

6. Kristy Lee Cook – “Forever”

I liked Kristy’s performance. But it wasn’t that great either, it was good though. Kristy is the only one who’s dressing up like a star, she’s ready to hit the Kodak Theater for the finale. She made the song her own and took the country route, which suited her well. She’s still pitchy though. Kristy needs the pimp spot, come on! And she gave Mariah Carey goosebumps. Great job! Her performance here.

5. Carly Smithson – “Without You”

After 2 weeks in the bottom 3, Carly is back to show her stuff. She took on the monster song. You’ve got to give her props for taking the monster! She looked pretty too. Although comparing (again) her with Leona Lewis’ X-Factor performance, I’ll have to go with Leona’s. Simon was smug with Carly again. Frankly, Carly’s performance was the only one which kept playing in my head after the show. Hmmm. Her performance here.

4. David Archuleta – “When You Believe”

I am honestly surprised that David went first tonight. The first spot is typically the murder spot. I.E. Michael Johns. David sang very nicely with great vocals (love his shirt too!). Long story short, David will not say bye bye to us with that massive girl fans fan base of his. His performance here.

3. Brooke White – “Hero”

Like what? Brooke taking on the hugest of all hits? You’ve got to be kidding. Nope. I thought she was brilliant on the piano. Her rendition was sincere, believable and nice. She looked eccentric and like a pro on the piano. Loved it. It’s Mariah Carey week, and Brooke can’t possibly do a big diva performance. But she made it her own, and that’s why Brooke is so high on my list. Oh, and all Simon’s rant on hamburgers started here. Her performance here.

2. Syesha Mercado – “Vanishing”

Syesha needs to get more credit for taking all the huge songs week after week AND nailing them one by one. She is seriously underrated. Even though no one is very familiar with the song, Syesha took the risk and sang it anyway awesomely. I think it was smart of her to take an unfamiliar song, so that there is less of the comparison thing going on. The judges gave her props. Her performance here.

1. David Cook – “Always Be My Baby”

It’s no surprise David Cook is at number one, he never ever ever fails to impress everyone every single week. This week is wow wow wow wow. Poor David swelled up in tears after getting positive feedback from all the judges, even Simon who described him as a “breath of fresh air”, plus Randy stood up and saluted him. ‘Nuff said. Go David! TEAM COOKIE! His performance here.


The 2 Davids are absolutely obviously positively safe. Jason might get another pass for being in the ‘boys’ group. The ones in trouble are definitely the ladies. Can Kristy manage to survive? She is gaining fans and they are voting hard for her. Syesha is still shaky, I don’t know why. Carly and Brooke are in danger once again.

My bottom 3 predictions: The Ladies. Syesha, Carly, Brooke/Kristy

My elimination prediction: Carly/Syesha

I still have to go with Carly, sorry. She’s shaky shaky, and after MJ’s elimination, she won’t be such a shocker. Although it might be Syesha, it may be her time to go. But I’m betting on Carly.


On the bright side, Elliott Yamin will be performing live at the results show! Go Elliott! Whoohoooo!

What do you think? Leave comments!

[Pics from Yahoo! TV]



  1. David C. and his take on always be my baby will be the talk of this week concerning AI. i would think it would be the number 1 most downloaded song in itunes as well for the week.

  2. I didn’t like David C. that much, but I guess that’s just cause I don’t like rock. Although that song seemed rock-ish only because of his voice.

    I love how David A. went on those high notes.

    Jason seemed a bit boring but I like his voice tone.
    I don’t remember girls that well.

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