American Idol 7 – Top 8 – Studio Recordings [download]

April 11, 2008

It’s Idol Gives Back week and the Idols did Inspirational Songs this week.

– American Idol 7 – Top 8 Studio Recordings –

Inspirational Songs Week

Track List:

  1. Michael Johns – “Dream On
  2. Syesha Mercado – “I Believe”
  3. Jason Castro – “Somewhere Over The Rainbow”
  4. Kristy Lee Cook – “Anyway”
  5. David Cook – “Innocent”
  6. Carly Smithson – “The Show Must Go On”
  7. David Archuleta – “Angels”
  8. Brooke White – “You’ve Got A Friend”

My fav tracks this week are Michael’s and Carly’s, surprisingly in the bottom three this week. I felt Michael was somewhat robbed, his live performance was good. Carly’s track is amazing!

David Archuleta’s, Brooke’s, David Cook’s and Kristy’s are nice too – very soothing and enjoyable.

I’ve listened to “I Believe” so many times that Syesha’s track sounds normal, but it is good, I love it. I’m actually tired of listening to “Somewhere Over The Rainbow”, so Jason’s track doesn’t strike me as wonderful either.

Songs like these + choir = ♥

A tribute to the injustice elimination of Michael Johns.

What do you think? Leave comments!



  1. are you going to post the idol gives back audio performances? would be cool if you did THANKS!

  2. thank you so much for these, ur the best :)….I agree that michael johns did not deserve to be voted off…too bad he’s the least popular among the boys

  3. thanks so much!!!

  4. Thanks for sharing!
    I love David Archuleta’s “Angels”.

    But I don’t know about David Cook’s “Innocent”. He’s actually kinda boring this week. I hope he’s got something better for next week. Although Mariah Carey’s songs will be a challenge for him.

  5. Thanks for posting these.

    I was really shocked & saddened by how Ryan Seacrest handled Michael’s elimination. By holding out one thin thread of hope when mentioning last year’s “non-elimination” during Idol Gives Back week, getting Michael’s – and the audience’s – hopes up, only to shatter them.

  6. Hi, I just want to say thank you so much for putting these up – I’m a UK resident and my iTunes store doesn’t offer any of these tracks, so you are actually my saviour!
    I was wondering if it’s possible for you to maybe put up the Idol Gives Back performances from the Idols if you have them. Thanks a lot! xxx

  7. actually i liked david cook’s ‘innocent’. it’s better than the live version. david a’s is definitely good and i agree i don’t like jason castro’s as much as the live version.

    do you by any chance have the top 8’s mp3s from idol gives back? much appreciated!

  8. As much as i was saddened by Michael’s elimination, i always thought he wouldnot be the one to win the competiton. I knew he would be eliminated but i didnt think it would be too soon.

  9. i guess you guys are correct i just watched the rerun today for last Friday’s elimination and wow it really shocked me to see that Michael was eliminated. i thought it was gonna be carly, fortunately enought it wasn’t her.

    But since i believe that all of them are deserving for the top 12 spots i knew that sooner or later my idols will be removed 1 by 1 until THE idol remains. anybody who wins this season will actually be deserving. and i hope that i will not be so very shocked if it will be kristy lee cook since she’s been doing good for the last few weeks (surprisingly). if she keeps this up she might be with david archuleta in the final 2 of this season. there are few pure Americans for this season and she’s one of them. as for me, i hope david archuleta wins this, the kid deserves it.

    raph, thanks for posting these studio recordings some of us unfortunate people are able to benefit from it. thanks again.:D

  10. anyone know where we can get the performances from idol gives back?

  11. Guys – Will not post the IGB mp3s, since they’re for charity.

  12. well that sucks…lol thanks though

  13. hey, syesha’s “i believe” has a bad part somewhere in the end. i guess, about 4:16. is that bad or as it is?

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