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American Idol 7 – Top 8 – Studio Recordings [download]

April 11, 2008

It’s Idol Gives Back week and the Idols did Inspirational Songs this week.

– American Idol 7 – Top 8 Studio Recordings –

Inspirational Songs Week

Track List:

  1. Michael Johns – “Dream On
  2. Syesha Mercado – “I Believe”
  3. Jason Castro – “Somewhere Over The Rainbow”
  4. Kristy Lee Cook – “Anyway”
  5. David Cook – “Innocent”
  6. Carly Smithson – “The Show Must Go On”
  7. David Archuleta – “Angels”
  8. Brooke White – “You’ve Got A Friend”

My fav tracks this week are Michael’s and Carly’s, surprisingly in the bottom three this week. I felt Michael was somewhat robbed, his live performance was good. Carly’s track is amazing!

David Archuleta’s, Brooke’s, David Cook’s and Kristy’s are nice too – very soothing and enjoyable.

I’ve listened to “I Believe” so many times that Syesha’s track sounds normal, but it is good, I love it. I’m actually tired of listening to “Somewhere Over The Rainbow”, so Jason’s track doesn’t strike me as wonderful either.

Songs like these + choir = ♥

A tribute to the injustice elimination of Michael Johns.

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American Idol 7 – Top 8 Results – Goodbye Michael Johns [recap]

April 11, 2008

This week we wave bye bye to Michael Johns, the first shocker elimination thus far. Michael sang “Dream On” this week and got negative feedback from the judges, and was shockingly axed.

This week’s bottom three consisted of Syesha, Carly and Michael, which I have correctly predicted. I thought it was bound to be between Carly and Syesha, since both of them were in the bottom three before. Nevertheless a shocked Michael Johns was sent home and sent Carly into tears, who was positive that she was the one to go.

(In order) Brooke, David Cook, David Archuleta, Jason and Kristy were all given passes to sit at the couch, and thus leaving the bottom 3.

Carly was obviously feeling incredibly shocked at the results, she cried the most after Ryan announced Michael’s fate, with the rest of the girls consulting her. Michael’s roommate David Cook was obviously sad as well, it seems he wept a few tears. Jason Castro seemed oblivious to everything, he was just happy he made it through. Simon was expectedly upset as well, Michael was one of his favourite contestant on the show, and didn’t hesitate to stand and clap for him.

On the plus side, last year’s winner Jordin Sparks received her acknowledgments for her outstanding album sales and immensely huge singles, “Tattoo” and “No Air“. Jordin performed “No Air” with Chris Brown during the show. Jordin looked amazing and she is a phenomenon. She definitely deserves everything she got.

Ryan also announced that Idol Gives Back has thus far harnessed a whopping $60 million so far. I remember last year’s was $76 million, and I don’t think that they could top that amount this year, no matter how many “A-Listers” show up. Unless Idol doesn’t want the shame and top up the total amount.

Michael going so soon is definitely a shocker, this just shows that anyone can be eliminated at any point of the game, unless you’re David Archuleta of course.

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[Pic from Yahoo! TV]