American Idol 7 – Top 8 [recap]

April 9, 2008

It’s Idol Gives Back Week and the contestants aim to inspire as they sang songs that inspire them.

I’m actually wowed and amazed by all of them this week, everyone stepped up to their plates and delivered well. Paula’s dress was so tight her poor puppies must be suffocating. Oh, and her word of the night was, “definite”.


David Archuleta, who sang “Angel“. David was that close to getting the pimp spot. David played the piano while singing, trying to top his “Imagine” performance. I was definitely impressed by his vocals, although it was rather off tune at some point. Nevertheless it was nice, the judges all loved it. Actually Simon will love anyone who performs his favourite song. Oh well. His performance here.

Jason Castro sang “Somewhere Over The Rainbow“. I thought I was deaf when he announced it. Such a big song for someone like Jason? Unbelievable. But then he said he’s doing a Hawaiian version. Ahhh. Jason played a cute little ukulele and sang like he usually does. It suited him well. Randy obviously loved his “blazing hot” rendition. His performance here.

Surprisingly, Kristy Lee Cook was back another week with a strong performance. She sang “Do It Anyway“. Is it just me, or has she worn that shirt before? Looks familiar, but Simon loved what she wore tonight. In my opinion Kristy has a great voice, but she often tends to go off the pitch. I thought she looked like she had already won the competition, with all the lights and the choir on her favour. Her performance here.


Brooke White got the pimp spot tonight, and I am honestly glad she got it, since she already suffered a week in the bottom 3. Brooke sang “You’ve Got A Friend” with a piano behind her. I thought it was heartfelt and sincere, she was shaking and in tears at the end. Isn’t that what this week is all about? I agree with Paula that it was a good performance to close the show. Her performance here.

The most consistent David Cook can do no wrong. He sang “Innocent”. Firstly, my gosh David is dressing better and better. I absolutely love his white jacket and his hair was to die for. His performance was actually nice, I enjoyed it, I thought it was sincere as well, David looking all glum and moody. David ended his song by showing his palm, which he wrote “Give Back”. And I thought, wow! He really do care for Idol Gives Back! Which is good and inspirational. The judges didn’t quite get it. Simon thought he was “pompous”. His performance here.

Syesha Mercado took on another huge song, singing Season 3’s winner Fantasia’s winning song, “I Believe“. I absolutely love that song. LaKisha Jones sang it last year too, but I thought Syesha sang it better. Her vocals are amazing, I don’t get why the judges don’t think she has a good voice. And expectedly, the judges immediately rushed and compared her to Fantasia’s take on the song. Simon and Randy are obviously huge fans of Fantasia, so Syesha was shunned with not-so-good comments, but Simon did complimented that it was nice. Her performance here.


Michael Johns sang “Dream On“. I liked his performance, it wasn’t that bad. Michael graced the stage first, after getting the pimp spot last week. The judges didn’t like that he was showing a rock edge to his personality, saying he should stick to his blues side. I disagree though, you’ve got to give him props for breaking into a falsetto in the end. Michael wore the handkerchief thing around his neck again. His performance here.

Carly Smithson sang “The Show Must Go On“. I thought she was very pretty, her face looked amazing, although I’m not that crazy over what she wore. She was full of angry emotion while she performed. I liked that she showed “anger” though, while the judges didn’t got it. Doesn’t she always look angry when she performs? Her performance here.


These contestants have definitely grown on me, I’m loving everyone at this stage. No one has particularly attached to me much, except Brooke, David Cook and Syesha. I’m actually hoping Kristy doesn’t get voted off this week, I’m beginning to support her. And judging by her good performance, she’s not going anywhere as expected. Jason and David A are obviously safe, David C and Brooke might be safe too. Syesha’s always swaying, while Michael and Carly didn’t deliver as well, Michael might get his first appearance in the bottom 3, Carly her second.

My bottom 3 predictions: Syesha, Carly, Michael.

My elimination prediction: Carly.

Carly might be the shocker elimination.

Idol Gives Back tomorrow! Rest your eyes for 2 and a half hours of Idol.

What do you think? Leave comments!

[Pics from Yahoo! TV]



  1. she did it again (paula i mean). stole the attention from the other people on the show hehe.

  2. Pretty accurate…

    and if you haven’t reached 100k yet… well… hehe… you will… your blog rocks!!!

  3. Carly can’t be voted off!!!!!
    She is amazing live although her studio version are not that good, I think Kristy Lee Cook should be voted off, she have been on bottom 3 at least 3 times, and i think she can’t reach other contestants voices.

  4. i think syesha will be voted of…though she has a good voice but she’s not much of favorite of most ppl. anyway, do you have David A’s Imagine?

  5. Actually Simon rarely likes when somebody else(then the original) performs his favorite song. Cause I remember one audition when one guy sang one of Simon’s favs but Simon said it was risky to do his fav cause if it’s not good he won’t like it anyway.

    btw, I like your blog. And thank for all the studio versions cause I can’t them from iTunes.

  6. ^Oops. I meant that I can’t GET them from iTunes.

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