ANTM Cycle 10 Episode 8 CW Preview [watch]

April 5, 2008

The CW Preview for episode 8, entitled “Top Model 10 Confidential”.

What’s so confidential?

Surprised that Claire is still there?

Well it’s the recap episode. *sigh* I dislike them recaps.

It’s the ultimate Claire vs Dominique showdown! They fight (physically!) on the bed and on the floor and everywhere in the house, Stacy Ann’s banging pots and pans, Anya’s shouting, the others are cheering.

Claire used a pillow to bang on Dominique’s head and she fell to the ground. Looks like Claire won!

Finally there’s some action going on.



  1. hi .. congrats for the hits..
    wohoooo…so they wrestling ..must be a fun recap..
    ehehe.. i think..that wasn’t that tranny who hit by claire using pillow .. it looks more to Amis .. 😀
    well ..we’ll see .. 😀 btw, thanks for the preview..

  2. Claire vs Amis? XD
    You’re welcome!

  3. maybe …they was just having fun i guess.. wrestling game !! ehehehe..

  4. Why is there a recap instead of a real episode??

  5. Line – There is a recap episode in every cycle.

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