ANTM Cycle 10 Episode 7 – If You Can’t Make It Here, You Can’t Make It Anywhere [watch]

April 4, 2008

Go-sees, drama and one shocking elimination.

Firstly, the videos: (thanks dodash8!)

Part 1

Part 2

Part 3

Part 4

Part 5


Drama drama drama, take two. Lauren used Fatima’s coffee powder but doesn’t want to admit it. Tension rose, and Lauren started to mutter curses and point her middle pinky at Fatima. Fatima took it maturely, much to my surprise. Choke on it, Fatima.

Go sees time! The girls are split into, Team 1: Claire, Whitney, Dominique, Stacy Ann. Team 2: Katarzyna, Anya, Fatima, Lauren.

Whitney is concerned that her body shape can affect her chances. Lauren is worried of her presence and confidence.

Whitney got criticized by a designer for her shape, and said that she would never use plus sized models. Stacy Ann’s bubbly personality charmed the designers. Katarzyna powered her walk, while Lauren fell flat when walking.

Team 1 was praised for personality and walk, but lack personal presentation. Team 2 lacked runway and personality, but had great photos. Team 1 ultimately won, Stacy Ann booked the most jobs. Their challenge award was a photoshoot with Seventeen Magazine.

The girls arrived for their photoshoot, and saw Mr Jay walking on a treadmill like a robot, avoiding passing people and smashing into a brick paper wall. He explained that their photoshoot was inspired by Fruezabruta, which is a Broadway play where the performers use their bodies to evoke responses from the audience. The photoshoot was posing on a mylar sheet flooded with water, their photos taken from below.

Claire wanted to take a risk by diving in, even though they were warned not to do so. As a result, she slammed her face and injured her neck, which caused her to struggle in her photoshoot. Lauren and Stacy Ann were critiqued for being stiff. Fatima, Anya, Katarzyna, Dominique all passed with credit. Katarzyna had her hair snipped short as promised by Tyra, and she welcomed the new change maturely.

Paulina got a new hairstyle. Karen Lee, the scouting manager of Elite, was the guess judge. The judges didn’t like Claire’s profile shot. Stacy Ann was critiqued for her film.

Once again Tyra HAD to mispronounce Katarzyna’s name. Urgh! They loved her new short hair. Paulina commented, “The weird European tackiness is now gone.” Betch! Then Miss J called her Neutrogena, and Paulina sad Katarjina, her Tyra emulated them. Betch x3. Katarzyna was credited for her photo, it looked like a ballerina in water. AND she got the no personality comment.

Whitney’s photo looked like a foetus, in a good way. The judges hated Dominique’s wardrobe, but praised her photo. Lauren’s shot was the weakest, and Paulina called her “Frankenstein-ny”

Fatima got the highest credit for her art-like pose. Anya was also praised for her photo.


  1. Fatima
  2. Anya
  3. Katarzyna
  4. Whitney
  5. Stacy Ann
  6. Dominique

Bottom 2: Claire and Lauren.

Claire was judged for being one-faced, not versatile in her shoots. Lauren was there for not being confident enough.

Eliminated: Claire was drowned.



I love this photoshoot. Everything about it is LOVE.

I’ve got to give Fatima props. As much as I dislike her, her photo is definitely the best of the bunch. Katarzyna and Anya in close second. Lauren’s is the worst, she’s having a bad week. I actually like Claire’s, it’s beautiful.

And WTF at Tyra and co. calling Katarzyna all sorts of stupid names! Tyra, I’m calling you Tyrannosaurus. Paulina, you’ll be Poopina. WTF at “weird European tackiness”? It’s called beauty, Poopina! You’re just jealous she’s way more gorgeous than you are. Another WTF at T-Rex for saying that Kata has no personality! You don’t even know her! And if you give her more air time maybe we will too!

Dominique’s growing on me, she comes across to me as being more mature. I think.

WTF again to Poopina on calling Lauren “Frankenstein-ny”. Maybe I should elongate her name to Poopina-I-Make-Up-My-Own-Words.

It was Claire’s time to go, no doubt. Dominique was climbing up, Stacy Ann booked jobs, so it was Claire turn. I’ll miss her.


CoverGirl Of The Week:

My girl Katarzyna! Whoohooo! Down with Claire! Go Kata!


Next Episode:

Recap episode! Boring! Dominique gets into a playful fight with Claire, cause it’s what Dominique’s all about. Finally some real action!

Spoilers: (highlight at own risk!)

Not much.

Version1: Kata & Anya are the final 2, Dominique 3rd.

Version 2: Dominique & Anya are the final 2, Anya won, Kata 3rd.

Stacy Ann is going next based on the fade out photo, and it’s her turn to go.

International destination: Rome.

What do you think? Leave comments!

[Pics from CWTV.com]



  1. eh .. i thought, lauren n fatima thing isn’t about coffee powder, but lauren unintentionally wash fatima’s glass which still contain a liiiiiittttttllleeeeeee coffee in it … which if u see with ur naked eyes..it looks empty .. lol ..
    that’s why fatima blame lauren and lauren as usual show her ‘love’ to fatima … LOL .. i love you lauren !! you are my hero !

    btw, i love how lauren and clair embracing each other .. thank god lauren didn’t jump up !! ahahhaa..

  2. I love lauren!

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