American Idol 7 – Top 9 Results – Goodbye Ramiele Malubay [recap]

April 3, 2008

Another week, another spot, another person eliminated.

The bottom 3 this week compiled of Ramiele, Kristy and Brooke. Kristy was expected, but I felt she definitely deserves another week on the stage, as she shone on country week. Mark my words, she’ll be gone next week. She’s getting the Haley (S6) votes, who got cut at the top 8 too.

Brooke was last to be called along with Jason, but alas Jason was given a pass to the sofas. I honestly thought Jason will be heading towards the stools, he mediocre performance didn’t gave an impression. But I guess Brooke didn’t did as well either, and got her first appearance in the bottom 3, and was all teary eyed later.

But it was Ramiele who got the boot. Her rankings had been really shaky for the past few weeks, she definitely is going downhill, so it was fair she got eliminated. But I really like her, we need someone cheerful like her to make the show worth watching. Go Ramiele! Poor Ramiele was reduced to tears as all the female contestants went over to hug her. Awwww!

Also on the show, the Clark Brothers played. Ummm. No offense, but, they looked like people on crack playing. And they won The Next Great American Band? Wow. I was only impressed by their quick guitar-banjo-whatever skills, the vocals was terrible.

Dolly Parton also sang her song “Jesus and Gravity“, which got Simon clapping to her.

My favs are going one by one, I hope Syesha, Brooke and David Cook continue to stay strong!

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[Pic from AmericanIdol.com]


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