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American Idol – Top 9 [recap]

April 2, 2008

It’s Dolly Parton night! The wannabes sang Dolly’s popular songs.Tonight came down to one conclusion… Simon obviously doesn’t get country music. Tsk tsk. All these contestants are definitely growing on me. Less of them hate posts. Hehe.


Syesha Mercado with the original version of “I Will Always Love You“, made popular by Whitney Houston. Syesha can never do me wrong. She looked amazing, sounded fantastic. She’s a hell of a star. If only America can see that. No doubt her studio recording will be amazing too. Her performance here.

D-D-David Archuleta did “Smoky Mountain Memories“. It was awesome, he always is. Simon loved it, and so does the world. If only he doesn’t look like fainting on stage. His performance here.

Carly Smithson sounded very nice tonight, singing “Here You Come Again“. She got great feedback, with the exception of Simon, who hated her wardrobe. Uhhh… Talk about fashion sense. Her performance here.

David Cook sang “Little Sparrow“. David finally changed his hairstyle! Me likey! He’s less emo now. XD I thought his song was great, and it was good that he credited those who made the original arrangements of his previous performances before the show. Judges loved. David was rushed to the hospital the day before… Oh my. Poor guy. Hope he can make it through! His performance here.


Jolene” was sung by Brooke White. I love her song choices, they always suit her, or rather, she made them her own. I liked her little band beside her, even though Simon hated it. Her performance here.

KKKKKKristy Lee Cook sung “Coat Of Many Colours“. It wasn’t that bad! Country is definitely her genre, she has that country voice, so it was easy for her. Besides, she looked amazingly pretty. :O Oh-uh, am I turning into a Kristy fan? Her performance here.

Michael Johns with “It’s All Wrong, But It’s All Right“. I think he was one of the best of the night, but just not really my cup of tea. Anyway, he got the pimp spot = safe. Everyone loved it. His performance here.


Miss Ramiele Malubay with “Do I Ever Cross Your Mind“. Yes, Ramiele, you crossed my mind, but you’ve got to step it up! I thought it was good, but not good enough. She needs to choose better songs! Her performance here.

Jason Castro sang “Travelling Thru“. I don’t think it’s bad, but it’s alright! I’m frankly quite bored of Jason’s guitar. It’s definitely his best performance so far for me. I like how he presented the song. His performance here.

It’s very hard to throw away someone at this stage… I think all of them are great. Kristy’s country voice might save her another week. Ramiele and Jason might get thrown in the bottom 3 again. America is too deaf to get Syesha.

My bottom 3 predictions: Syesha, Kristy, Ramiele/Jason

My elimination prediction: Syesha/Ramiele


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[Pics from Yahoo! TV]