ANTM Cycle 10 Episode 7 CW Preview [watch]

March 30, 2008
The CW Preview for episode 7, entitled “If You Can’t Make It Here, You Can’t Make It Anywhere”.

For me the title is referring to the go-sees, I think that one (or some) of the girls did badly in the go-sees, which is still in NYC, thus ‘you can’t make it here’ (NYC), ‘you can’t make it anywhere’ (the whole world).

The photoshoot is posing on a water-flooded glass, while the photographers take the picture under the piece of glass, so I guess it gives the effect of swimming in water (or get your face slammed XD).

Claire wanted to “glide on it”, but when she slammed against the glass, she didn’t move, and made Mr Jay worried. Oh-uh, injuries.

Also, on IMEEM, the preview shows more footage of Lauren’s fight against Fatima. Lauren offers Fatima coffee, asks her to choke on it (haha!) and then scream down her throat. Fatima is taking it cool. The video here.

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