American Idol 7 – Top 10 – Studio Recordings [download]

March 30, 2008

A bit slow, but hey, I’ve got exams! Here they are!

– American Idol 7 – Top 10 Studio Recordings –

Songs From The Year I Was Born

Track List:

  1. Ramiele Malubay – “Alone”
  2. Jason Castro – Fragile”
  3. Syesha Mercado – “If I Was Your Woman”
  4. Chikezie Eze – “If Only For One Night”
  5. Brooke White – “Every Breath You Take”
  6. Michael Johns – “We Will Rock You / We Are The Champions”
  7. Carly Smithson – “Total Eclipse Of The Heart”
  8. David Archuleta – “You’re The Voice”
  9. Kristy Lee Cook – “God Bless The USA”
  10. David Cook – “Billie Jean”

Once again, I’m blown away by David A’s track. Kristy has impressed me again – why can’t she be as amazing on stage? Syesha’s and Chikezie’s needed time to get use to, and once you got it, their vocals are amazing.

Best of the rest, Ramiele’s. She hit the extremely high notes well. 100% better than her rendition on stage.

Carly’s, Brooke’s and Michael’s were okay, they do it better live.

A tribute to Chikezie.

(Due to problems, David Cook’s & Ramiele’s was hosted on Mediafire.)

Enjoy! Please leave comments!



  1. Hi Raph,

    Where do you get these from?… I’ve tried to download them from the American Idol site but they don’t appear to work.

    when I click on the Itunes links they never seem to download.

  2. Jodie – Cant say or Im out of business. 😉
    Glad you enjoyed it!


  3. Hi Raph.
    thanx for uploading the songs. ramiele’s file seems to be corrupted. could you upload it again? thanx

  4. David A Rocks – Done! 🙂 Enjoy!

  5. Thank you Thank you!! I am in Australia and can’t download these from the US Itunes website, it won’t let me…… and now I can get them!! You are my hero!! 🙂

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