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March 29th – 90,000 Hits!

March 29, 2008

Yikes! Another 10,000 in a week! Madness!

Thanks guys! I might hit 100,000 even before -MDOC-‘s first birthday!

Love you all!

Love and peace,


ANTM Cycle 10 Episode 6 – House Of Pain [watch]

March 29, 2008

The whole world’s waiting! Finally them YouTube users found and uploaded episode 6!

The videos: (thanks to w9c53nfj)

Part 1

Part 2

Part 3

Part 4

Part 5

The recaps:

Claire is sad that her milk is running out, even though she keep pumping those breasts her of hers. She’s worried that her baby might not be breastfeeded in the future.

Wheeeee, drama time! Dominique’s alarm clock went of at 6.00am and woke Claire, who stated that it had been like that for several days. Claire marched up to Dominique’s bed and they start bitching till daylight. Later, they bitch more. Lauren and Whitney slided in and ganged up on Dominique as well. Lauren even screamed her head off. Ooooh. Ultimately team Claire won, and Dominique got moral support from her mom. Claire: 1; Dominique: 0.

Tyra tries to modelnap the girls by drving the FabCab. I wonder if she has a license? They went to a dance studio, where Tyra taught them about runway walks and posing while in pain. Surprisingly, the girls love posing about menstual cramps. Supermodel/TopModel/Failed-Singer/Talk Show Host/TV Show Host/Actress Miss Tyra Banks even fooled the girls when she ‘sprained’ her ankle.

Later through Tyra-digital E-Mail, they found out that the lesson was actually a challenge. Anya posed the best and she won a nude photoshoot with Nigel in bed. Scratch that. Anya won a nude photoshoot in bed photographed by Nigel. Oh… I thought they both were going nude so we can see some steamy action. XD Nigel loved Anya (or as he call it, Enya) on set and she was terrific.

Drama time! Dominique suffered from migraine and stomachache. Ooooh! Now’s the time to do those pain poses Tyra taught you! Quick, you might get a photoshoot with Nigel too! Claire and her BFFs Lauren and Whitney sat in the same room and gossiped about Dominique. Dominique was pissed but she took it maturely while Claire was being the naive one. Ultimately team Claire won again. Claire:2 ; Dominique: 0.


The photoshoot this week was embodying different music genres. World renouned, Russell James aka Nigel Barker’s long lost brother was the photographer. Metal Fatima was smashing her guitar everywhere. Emo Katarzyna was with a short wig – she looks amazing with short hair too! Pop princess Britney Lauren showed up in a horrendous red spandex thingy.

Claire Underwood was country and she wore an ugly pink-black frilly tutu dress which I have no idea what it has got to do with country. It was hard to potray country into fashion. Dominique was folk and she wanted to bring her mother’s 80’s hippy era into her pictures. Anya went punk. DeeJay Stacy Ann was doing house music, her hair all spiked up.

Aimee was going for the diva – RnB. Russell guided her throughout the photoshoot and he wasn’t very pleased. Whitney was potraying grunge on an old diving board. She excelled.


We see our marvellous judges at panel again and Tyra was on the verge of singing. Again. Russell was there to guest judge.

Props were given to Whitney for her amazing photo, Dominique for her believable photo, Lauren for doing a pop theme and Fatima for her film. Katarzyna was praised too – Tyra wanted a second makeover for her by cutting her hair short, inspired by her photo.

Aimee was dragged down for not delivering enough. Stacy Ann wasn’t fluid. Anya needed to find the light. Claire made country looked comical.


  1. Whitney
  2. Katarzyna
  3. Fatima
  4. Lauren
  5. Anya
  6. Dominique
  7. Stacy Ann

Bottom 2: Aimee and Claire.

Tyra credited them for taking good pictures along the competition, but fell flat in this week.

Eliminated: Aimee was out of tune.



I was so pleased they’re giving Kata a makeover. That short hair looked amazing on her! She’ll definitely look edgier. Love it! Anya really deserved that nude photoshoot with Nigel. Her end products are gorgeous.

WTF for Fatima. I can hold a guitar and do a devil sign and stick my tongue out too! So does that mean I can model? I thought her photo was the worst of the bunch, it’s not even modelish. Anyone can bend their legs.

Whitney’s picture was great. Very Avril Lavigne-ish. Although there hasn’t been a photo of her closing her mouth. Yet. Hmmm. Dominique is still hanging.

Cycle10 is definitely going well, the eliminations all according to photos and how well they do, not on numerous stupid reasons like Cycle9.


CoverGirl Of The Week:

Cl-Cl-Cl-Cl-Claire for the 5th week.


Next episode:

*does Saleisha’s sceam* Go sees! Go sees! The girls hit the streets for go-sees in NYC. (So early? Go-sees usually occur after the top6. The mad side of Lauren emerges as she screamed down Fatima’s throat. Fatima held a deodorant. Oooo. She shaved. I think.

Spoilers: (higlight at own risk)

Stacy Ann goes home. Whitney finishes 6th. Claire won Cycle 10. Kata will get eliminated the week after she gets her new hairdo. (top7 week)

I don’t like these spoilers at all. Stacy deserves another week, Claire shouldn’t win. Kata should win.

Oh, more spoilers. This is from an INCREDIBLY reliable source: Claire will be eliminated next week, in the bottom2 with Lauren. Lauren being there as a wake up call. 

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