ANTM Cycle 10 Episode 6 CW Preview [watch]

March 21, 2008

The official CW preview for episode 6, entitled “House Of Pain”:

The photoshoot was posing with musical instruments – being a rock star. Lame much.

Katarzyna was sporting a short bob – did they give her another makeover? She looks great!

Tyra told the girls (or one of the girls) that this week was their/her worst shoot ever. Which is bad because one of the world’s best photographer was shooting them.

What do you think? Leave comments!



  1. I don’t think they cut katas hair.look at kata at the judging…..her hait is the same(long).

  2. I hope Kata’s is getting a makeover but seeing her at the judging room her hair is still long. So I think it was just a wig.

  3. Who was she not happy with??? Was it Fatima?? Cause I saw her nodding her head….

  4. Who was this “world’s best photographer”

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