American Idol – Top 11 Results – Goodbye Amanda Overmyer [recap]

March 21, 2008

It’s the ultimate battle to see who will get to go on the Idol tour. In the end, rocker nurse Amanda Overmyer was left out as she was eliminated this week.


The bottom 3 this week were expectedly Amanda and Kristy. Carly surprisingly landed in the bottom 3 as well. I think that Carly was placed there to boost her votes for next week. No way is she in the bottom 3. As for KKKristy, it’s a matter of time before she gets kicked off. She can’t keep hanging in there for long. But luckily for the girl who sings there are eight days in a week, she gets to go on tour.

I’m so bummed out that Amanda and David H couldn’t make it on tour. At least we can get to see them again, but alas.

Ryan announced that Mariah Carey, Dolly Parton, Andrew Lloyd Webber and Neil Diamond will be coming to the show as mentors.

Season 5 finalist Kellie Pickler returns to the Idol stage to sing her single, “Red High Heels” from her awesomely successful country album. Kellie looked awesome in red.

Idol Gives Back is back and it showed Fantasia and Elliott in Angola for some charity work! Elliott!! Whoohoo! I’m so happy to see him. Fantasia sang “Amazing Grace” to the children. Her version just stomps Kristy’s all over. A woman who just gave birth named her son Elliott after… Elliott! Awww! I got all teary eyed when E cried. That was so sweet! Elliott’s a godfather!

Krusty Kristy, you can’t possibly hang there for long! You’ll be gone soon… The eliminations thus far sucks.

Hmm.. Rumours are saying that a wildcard will be coming back for the Idol tour! Yeah! I hope its David H! He definitely deserves it!

Another sucky recap. Lol.

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[Pic from AmericanIdol.com]


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