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American Idol 7 – Top 11 – Studio Recordings [download]

March 21, 2008

Here are the top 11’s studio recordings! I have seperated the download links as requested.

– American Idol 7 Top 11 Studio Recordings –

Lennon/McCartney: The Beatles Songbook

Track List:

  1. Amanda Overmyer – “Back In The U.S.S.R”
  2. Kristy Lee Cook – “You’ve Got To Hide Your Love Away”
  3. David Archuleta – “Long and Winding Road”
  4. Michael Johns – “A Day In The Life”
  5. Brooke White – “Here Comes The Sun”
  6. David Cook – “Day Tripper”
  7. Carly Smithson – “Blackbird”
  8. Jason Castro – “Michelle”
  9. Syesha Mercado – “Yesterday”
  10. Chikezie – “I’ve Just Seen A Face”
  11. Ramiele Malubay – “I Should’ve Known Better”

David A’s track is amazing. So is Syesha’s and Chikezie’s and surprisingly, Kristy’s. Overall last week’s were much better than this week’s.

A tribute to Amanda Overmyer.

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American Idol – Top 11 Results – Goodbye Amanda Overmyer [recap]

March 21, 2008

It’s the ultimate battle to see who will get to go on the Idol tour. In the end, rocker nurse Amanda Overmyer was left out as she was eliminated this week.


The bottom 3 this week were expectedly Amanda and Kristy. Carly surprisingly landed in the bottom 3 as well. I think that Carly was placed there to boost her votes for next week. No way is she in the bottom 3. As for KKKristy, it’s a matter of time before she gets kicked off. She can’t keep hanging in there for long. But luckily for the girl who sings there are eight days in a week, she gets to go on tour.

I’m so bummed out that Amanda and David H couldn’t make it on tour. At least we can get to see them again, but alas.

Ryan announced that Mariah Carey, Dolly Parton, Andrew Lloyd Webber and Neil Diamond will be coming to the show as mentors.

Season 5 finalist Kellie Pickler returns to the Idol stage to sing her single, “Red High Heels” from her awesomely successful country album. Kellie looked awesome in red.

Idol Gives Back is back and it showed Fantasia and Elliott in Angola for some charity work! Elliott!! Whoohoo! I’m so happy to see him. Fantasia sang “Amazing Grace” to the children. Her version just stomps Kristy’s all over. A woman who just gave birth named her son Elliott after… Elliott! Awww! I got all teary eyed when E cried. That was so sweet! Elliott’s a godfather!

Krusty Kristy, you can’t possibly hang there for long! You’ll be gone soon… The eliminations thus far sucks.

Hmm.. Rumours are saying that a wildcard will be coming back for the Idol tour! Yeah! I hope its David H! He definitely deserves it!

Another sucky recap. Lol.

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ANTM Cycle 10 Episode 6 CW Preview [watch]

March 21, 2008

The official CW preview for episode 6, entitled “House Of Pain”:

The photoshoot was posing with musical instruments – being a rock star. Lame much.

Katarzyna was sporting a short bob – did they give her another makeover? She looks great!

Tyra told the girls (or one of the girls) that this week was their/her worst shoot ever. Which is bad because one of the world’s best photographer was shooting them.

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ANTM Cycle 10 Episode 5 – Top Model Takes It to the Streets [watch]

March 21, 2008

I’ll make my recap short! This week is full of drama, poses, paint and hair.

The videos: (thanks to w9c53nfj)

Part 1

Part 2

Part 3

Part 4

Part 5


  • Whitney hated Dominique’s constant talking.
  • Marvita’s softness was hidden under layers of toughness.
  • Vendela, a supermodel, made a cameo.
  • Benny Ninja returned for another posing lesson.
  • Whitney made a ‘phone session’ list for everyone in the house to follow.
  • Dominique ‘didn’t got the message’ and was pissed because she didn’t get to talk to her kid.
  • Dominique started a fight with Whitney, and called her ‘racist’.
  • Whitney is mad she labelled her.


  • Taking it to the street, the girls were divided into groups in a posing challenge.
  • Team A: Anya, Aimee, Fatima, Dominique, Lauren.
  • Team B: Whitney, Katarzyna, Claire, Stacy Ann, Marvita.
  • Dominique vs Claire: tied.
  • Lauren vs Marvita: Lauren won.
  • Anya vs Stacy Ann: Stacy Ann won.
Anya: 0 – Stacy Ann: 1
  • Fatima vs Whitney: Whitney won.
  • Aimee vs Katarzyna: Kata won.
  • Final scoreboard: Team A: 2; Team B: 4.
  • Team B won.
  • Claire won best poser.
  • They won a trip to a swag tent, Claire won a trip to Bora Bora.


  • This week’s photoshoot: Beauty shot with paint all over their body.
  • Lauren, Aimee, Katarzyna, Anya, Dominique, Claire and Stacy Ann excelled.
  • Whitney, Marvita, Fatima struggled.


  • Dominique was credited for her softness.
  • Anya needed more intensity in her eyes.
  • Katarzyna pulled off a great photo.
  • Fatima doesn’t shave her armpit hair… XD And it showed in her photo.
  • Lauren’s shoes were missing.
Everyone looked very polished.
  • Whitney was said to be self conscious and not serious enough.
  • Claire needed an inch more neck.
  • Marvita looked defeated, her photo looked sad.
  • Stacy Ann was praised for her photo.
  • Aimee loved her chameleon portfolio.
  • Tyra stole Lauren’s shoes.

        ROLL CALL!

  1. Stacy Ann
  2. Dominique
  3. Claire
  4. Anya
  5. Lauren
  6. Aimee
  7. Katarzyna
  8. Fatima

        BOTTOM 2:

Marvita and Whitney. Both were fading and defeated.





First of all, WTF for calling Kata so late. And secondly, yuck Fatima, if you want to be a model so badly, SHAVE! This week’s photoshoot was great. I loved that they brought the beauty shots back. I thought everyone did well this week, and the posing challenge was fun too!

Here’s what I don’t understand… Why on earth did Tyra stole Lauren’s shoes?


CoverGirl Of The Week:


Claire again for the 4th consecutive week.


Spoilers: (highlight at own risk)

From the fade out photo, Dominique and Stacy Ann are in danger of being booted, which matches what the rumours have been saying. Next week’s photoshoot: posing as rock stars.

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