American Idol 7 – Top 11 [recap]

March 19, 2008
Another Beatles week… Honestly I don’t get why they want to elongate the theme, it’s just wasting time, and the performances this week, in average, were terrible. Even Simon hated it. Randy, stop promoting Paula’s single. Simon, stop blinking at Ryan and start making out with him already. Randy, stop yawning. This is, American Idol.Tonight’s performance can be summarized into 3 groups: the good, the interesting, and the boring.—-


The best of the night was, hands down was underdog Syesha Mercado. Syesha emerged with a new hairstyle, and she looked amazing. She sang “Yesterday” beautifully. Everyone loved it. Syesha even did Ramiele’s “Oh Lord” line. Awww. Her performance here.

David Archuleta, who stars on the new TV hit show, “All the little girls in the world Everybody loves Archuleta”. He sang “Long and Winding Road“. It wasn’t as bad as I hoped it would be, and he pulled it off, no matter how much I muttered “forget your lyrics” under my breath. The judges obviously loved it, and so did all the little girls everyone else. If you want to vote for David… It’s 1866-DAVIDISTHEWINNER-03. I’d like to punish him for copying Melinda Doolittle for showing her “What? I’m the best singer? Geez I didn’t know that!” look. It’s copyrighted. And stop licking your lips nonstop or else. His performance here.

David Cook, singing “Day Tripper“. He gave another great performance, but I still prefer last week’s “Eleanor Rigby”. David was doing his rocking thing again, much alike Chris Daughtry of season 5. But will he win the competition, unlike Daughtry? I think David is also alike Blake Lewis of Season 6, he makes the songs his own. Very original. He even used a voice box. His performance here.

Here Comes The Sun, Brooke White. Despite the judges hatred, I thought it was rather good. The song suited her voice. Simon said he knew Brooke would show up in yellow and the spotlights were going to be yellow because of the song title. Uhhh… What’s wrong with wearing yellow? At least she’s not wearing black/grey/white sweaters every single day… Brooke received brutal feedback, but she took it well. Poor girl. Simon said it was wet. WET? Weird. Brooke is a sun herself. Love her. Her performance here.




Chikezie came back after delivering an awesome performance in the top12. This time he sang “I’ve Just Seen A Face“, witha harmonica in hand. (Bad flashback to Taylor Hicks) I thought his performance was amazing, despite what the judges said. He gave a ballad side of him first then switched gears to a country edge. I like it, even though Simon hated it. (And we all know that Simon dislikes Taylor) Should be good enough to progress furthur! I think Chikezie is the only risk taker in the competition – you never know what he’s going to perform next week! The others all stick to what they do best, which is boring. And so Chikezie is easily one of the most interesting contestants, and he deserves to stay. His performance here.

Jason Castro had the most fan girls in the audience that night. He’s going French, singing “Michelle“. I place him under Interesting because he actually sang a different language, and the performance was good. (He’ll never beat Sanjaya singing Spanish last year.) But, in my opinion, his vocals are terrible. Even he admitted it. I can’t see whats so great about him vocal-wise. He’s just getting the pretty face vote. Want to get more votes Jason? Cut off those dreadlocks and go head to head with Archuleta with short hair! His performance here.

Kristy Lee Cook just found out that she had been in the bottom 2/3 lots of times. Yay her! What an amazing discovery. What an honour. She sang “You’ve Got To Hide Your Love“. She thought that she’s in the “Beatles Mode”. What’s interesting is that her performance actually wasn’t that horrible. Forgettable, yes, but horrible, no. I don’t get why people say she’s hot. PLUS she told Simon she can “blow you out of your socks.” Uhhh… What a weird comment. Is there a secret meaning behind this? So… Disturbing. Vote for Kristy! I866-KKKKKK-02. Her performance here.



Amanda Overmyer surprisingly started off the show with “Back In the U.S.S.R”. Ummm, you’re in the USA. She’s doing the same south rocker thing again, and honestly I’m quite bored with it. The judges agree with what I think. Amanda fired back at the judges by saying this is her show and it’s what her concert will look like while dropping major F bombs on international broadcast. You go, Amanda! Her F-ing performance here.

Carly Smithson sang “Blackbird“. I’m tired of Simon comparing her to Kelly Clarkson. I think Carly is the blackbird and needs to fly. Far far away. I thought it was a weird song. Carly chose 2 weird Beatles songs. Dunno why. Last week it was “Come Together” which narrates about Coca-Cola and toejam football and monkey fingers. Maybe Carly loves coke and has toejam and has a pet monkey. Paula thought she Carly stands in the competition with an ‘F’ for fantastic. Simon thought she’s a broken bird. I think so too. She even tattooed her knuckle with the number ‘7’, representing season7 and her marriage. Uhhh… 7 husbands? 7 kids? 7 divorces? 7 blackbirds poop on her head? Her performance here.

Michael Johns’ A Day In The Life“. Definitely worse than last week. A weird song too. Michael resumed his kangaroo hopping again. Aussie pride!… I guess. I thought the song was a mess. Paula started talking a whole lot of crap about monitors in his ears, just to find out that he’s the only one who didn’t wear any. Uhhh… Awkward! Michael didn’t even want to respond to Paula, rude bastard. His performance here.

In the pimp spot tonight was Ramiele Malubay, who dedicated her song to all the friends she made on Idol. Including Mama Brooke and Big Bro David Cook. Awwww. I wonder who’s her slave. XD Ramiele sang “I Should Have Known Better“, which is an uptempo song to prevent sleepiness among the people of America. Ramiele, you should have known better. These types of songs are the downfall of most contestants. At least she pulled it off well. Go Ramiele! Her performance here.


Sorry for the bad recap. I’m exhausted.

My bottom 3 prediction: Amanda, Kristy, Chikezie/Ramiele/Syesha/Michael

My elimination prediction: Kristy

Amanda is going downhill. Chikezie didn’t impress the judges. Kristy just needs to go. Although Ramiele, Syesha and Michael also have a chance of landing in the bottom 3.

What do you think? Leave comments!

[Pics from AmericanIdol.com]



  1. hey, your rant is not bad AT ALL.

    LOVE the rant.
    LOVE the stop-licking-your-lips David Archuleta.
    LOVE the antiPLANTson.

    and overall, I love your jokes ;D
    7 birds pooping on PLANTson’s head ?

    but I think Amanda should be under the interestings.
    though she kept rockin weirdly on stage, David Cook did too.
    probably people love rocker boys more than rocker girls. Idk.

    let’s pray for Ramiele 😀

  2. hey, do you think it should be Top 11 recap ?

  3. […] Andrew Heller | The Flint Journal wrote an interesting post today onHere’s a quick excerptAnother Beatles week… Honestly I don’t get why they want to elongate the theme, it’s just wasting time, and the performances this week, in average, were terrible. Even Simon hated it. Randy, stop promoting Paula’s single. … […]

  4. E – thanks for telling! Lol I was so exhausted I mistyped. 😛 Thanks!

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