ANTM Cycle 10 Episode 5 Yahoo! Preview [watch]

March 18, 2008
I love the Yahoo! Previews, they’re so much better than the CW ones. As usual we’re gifted with 4 snippets from this week’s episode!

Top Models Get Covered In Bright Paint

The photoshoot of this week is posing while being covered in paint face up. So basically its like a beauty shot. Pretty interesting. Lauren, Aimee and Stacy Ann pulls it off while Kata and Whitney struggles a little.

A Top Model Looks Like Anna Nicole

Whitney gets critiqued as looking alike to the late Anna Nicole because of her makeover.

It’s The Top Model Posing Battle!

Aimee get into a showdown with Katarzyna as they battle it out, posing on the streets with Benny Ninja.

Jay Encourages A Defeated Top Model

Marvita is smug before a photoshoot and covers up her mouth, much to the dismay of Mr. Jay.

I think its going to be another great episode! Can’t wait!

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