Blake Lewis – Tattoed on LA Ink

March 16, 2008

After just getting his tattoo removed recently, Blake was featured on LA Ink for another tattoo on his back.

 The new tattoo includes:

  • A Salvador-Dali clock watch which means “music is timeless”;
  • A gramophone to show his appreciation for old records;
  • A scroll from his favourite classical piece, Scriabin etude;
  • Cherry blossoms.

The one labelled (1) has is an old one, and is fading, which Blake is planning on removing.

It’s so pretty. Want some ink? XD

What do you think? Leave comments!



  1. Oh, I love his tattoos. Makes me want to go get something similar. I really like #3 and #4. They’re so elegant and classic.

  2. I think Blake Lewis back is cutie

    • i think hes all cutie!

  3. I love Blake Lewis

  4. i LOVE blake lewis!! ouuww!
    neato tatooo!

    p.s. i dislike jordan sparks!

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