Blake Lewis – Tattoed on LA Ink

March 16, 2008

After just getting his tattoo removed recently, Blake was featured on LA Ink for another tattoo on his back.

 The new tattoo includes:

  • A Salvador-Dali clock watch which means “music is timeless”;
  • A gramophone to show his appreciation for old records;
  • A scroll from his favourite classical piece, Scriabin etude;
  • Cherry blossoms.

The one labelled (1) has is an old one, and is fading, which Blake is planning on removing.

It’s so pretty. Want some ink? 😄

What do you think? Leave comments!



  1. Oh, I love his tattoos. Makes me want to go get something similar. I really like #3 and #4. They’re so elegant and classic.

  2. I think Blake Lewis back is cutie

    • i think hes all cutie!

  3. I love Blake Lewis

  4. i LOVE blake lewis!! ouuww!
    neato tatooo!

    p.s. i dislike jordan sparks!

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