American Idol 7 – Top 12 – Studio Recordings [download]

March 16, 2008

I’ve decided to post the studio recording versions of AI7’s songs every week. These are the full length songs, recorded by the contestants themselves, not the live versions. I know it’s slow, but hey, here they are! Enjoy!


– American Idol 7 Top 12 Studio Recordings

Track List:

  1. Syesha Mercado – “I Got To Get You Into My Life”
  2. Chikezie Eze – “She’s A Woman”
  3. Ramiele Malubay – “In My Life”
  4. Jason Castro – “If I Fell”
  5. Carly Smithson – “Come Together”
  6. David Cook – “Eleanor Rigby”
  7. Brooke White – “Let It Be”
  8. David Hernandez – “I Saw Her Standing There”
  9. Amanda Overmyer – “Can’t Do That”
  10. Michael Johns – “Across The Universe”
  11. Kristy Lee Cook – “Eight Days A Week”
  12. David Archuleta – “We Can Work It Out”

Download: HERE

Well lets hope Archuleta can ‘work it out’ next week. Kristy, there are no 8 days in a week.

A tribute to David Hernandez.

Enjoy! Please leave comments!



  1. can we download it one by one? because i dont want to download some of these song.. i just want ramiele malubay and dvid archuleta’s songs

  2. how can I download only one song ?
    it’s a packet, eh ?

  3. Nat & Eleesha –

    Yeah its the full package!
    I wont upload them individually for now.
    But I’ll try to upload them individually on the top11’s studio version! 🙂
    Meanwhile, enjoy them all! Cause they’re all great!


  4. Do you have top 20 studio recordings?

  5. can you able to upload to/using windows media player of MICHAEL JOHNS – BOHEMIAN RHAPSODY video?

  6. do you have MICHAEL JOHNS – BOHEMIAN RHAPSODY video?

  7. Jax – the studio recordings only starts at the top12. Same applied to last year.

    Apple – no I dont have MJ’s video. Sorry!


  8. hehehe..
    just downloaded all songs.
    haven’t touched anyone’s song but Ramiele’s LOL 😀

    hey Apple, I think you can download every contestant’s video from youtube.
    though it wouldn’t be the full version 🙂
    just guessing.

  9. this is awesome. thank you so much! i hope you can post all of them from here on out!

  10. Thanks for sharing the Idol Songs, I will be sure to bookmark and come back. I can get the Videos from http://idol-mania.com/american-idol-fan/ site but it’s awesome to have the download songs as well.

  11. You must made my daughter very, very happy. Thank you.


  12. THANK YOU!! This is great 🙂

  13. Carly’s song sounds way different then the studio version on itunes. In the one you posted, her voice sounds weak/thin/higher than the preview I can get from itunes. Are you sure it’s the same file?

  14. kmccormi – Its definitely not the same, since you need to rip the iTunes file to convert it to mp3.

  15. Hi Raph,

    Sorry being unclear – I didn’t mean to ask if it’s the same exact file. I just meant that of all the other singers, there didn’t seem to be as much degradation/thinning of the quality as with Carly’s song. Thanks for your uploads in any case – I really love your blog and all the shows you cover.

  16. kmccormi – Maybe its a upload glitch.

    Im glad you enjoyed them! 🙂

  17. It downloaded as a .rar file & neither iTunes or Windows Media Player will play it. Help??!!

  18. EC – You have to open it with WinRAR – Its a software that can extract and compress files. You can download the software here:


    It’s really handy! The songs are in it after you have extracted it.


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