ANTM Cycle 10 Episode 5 Preview [watch]

March 14, 2008

CW’s preview for Episode 5 of Cycle 10:

The girls pose with Benny Ninja and has a posing showdown. AGAIN. Supermodel, Vendela makes a cameo. Boy, they keep inviting these supermodels. I’m impressed.

But to win this competition, who will bust a move?…

Bust a move? Hmmm. Sounds bad.

… Or move on.

Oooh that someone is in trouble.

Vendela thinks that that someone doesn’t have what it takes, Paulina agrees.

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One comment

  1. haha hey! lol its been a long time since we chat!haha.

    btw,I love ur blog theme! antm SO fierce! i LOVE IT!

    the meat packing photoshoot last week was amazing!

    Lauren and Anya really hit it! erghhh I hate fatima,shes so diva like.haha

    love ur recap!

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