ANTM Cycle 10 Episode 4 – Where’s The Beef? [watch]

March 14, 2008

What a crazy week. Some users who posted ANTM episodes on YouTube were suspended of their membership. Luckily we still have some great uploaders around!

The videos:

Part 1

Part 2

Part 3

Part 4

Part 5


I’m not going to do my usual full recap of the episode, sorry!

Anyway, here’s what’s important.

My gosh Lauren is so tall.

It’s another session of Runway 101 as Miss J brings the girls to the fire station. Miss J stressed the importance of changing clothes at the speed of light because it is vital during fashion shows. Plus then you can flash your boobs and butt for everyone to see.

Diva Fatima thought she’d stand out by wearing high heels instead of boots, which is not what Miss J instructed. It pissed Miss J off and I’m glad to say it changed his/her/it perspective of Fatima forever. Dominique thought she was the best walker when they practiced. Miss J said she was one step close to being drag.

Katarzyna is stunning.

Back at the house, drama rose as the girls ganged up on Aimee because she was uncomfortable about sharing the bathroom at the same time. Whitney cuts in and aided Aimee. Fatima cuts in and became the third person for no reason at all. Dominique joined in and they all bitched for no reason. Uhhh…

The girls are then put to the test as they model for the Tuleh fashion show. Cycle 8 winner cha cha diva Jaslene was there, so was Ann Shoket from Seventeen Magazine. The girls had to change into their own outfits in 3 minutes and strut. Whitney was flashing her boobs all the way. Fatima buttoned her shirt wrongly, thinking that no one would notice. Some excelled, but Lauren literally ran the runway, leaving Miss J and Jaslene open mouthed.

Later, Jaslene critiqued Lauren for ‘not wanting to be there’, which made her feel down. Katarzyna was ultimately crowned the best walker, and was rewarded a photoshoot with Jaslene herself. Duh. For Seventeen Magazine. Duh. Kata chose Marvita and Amis as her BFFs.

The photoshoot this week was posing with raw, red, uncooked, unhygenic, bloody, stacked, hooked, hanged, freezed (need I say more? XD) meat. Some did extremely well, but some fell flat. Dominique impressed Mr Jay by being the only one sitting on the meat. Aimee was disgusted by the whole thing. Fatima couldn’t conceal her teeth. Maybe she’s feeling at home.

20 minutes before panel, Amis was still sleeping. She groggily threw on a sweater and a headband for panel. (BTW, we now know that panels are held early in the morning, around 8.00am) Fatima is disgusted Amis does not take things seriously.

At panel, Tyra sang her song. Really. It was pretty amusing.

Some like Anya, Whitney, Dominique and Kata were highly praised. Amis was judged for not being serious. Fatima had another bad shot. Lauren had a great shot but her runway walk was terrible.

Roll call!

  1. Anya
  2. Whitney
  3. Katarzyna
  4. Claire
  5. Dominique
  6. Stacy Ann
  7. Lauren
  8. Marvita
  9. Aimee
Bottom 2:

Fatima and Amis. Amis for not being serious enough and Fatima for not being fluid.

Fatima. Bye Fatima! Amis.



Shoot I sincerely thought Fatima was going home, especially with all the spoilers flying around! Well, I guess I saw this coming. Amis just isn’t the type who’d go far, and Fatima, well. No comment.

I’m so glad they turned the limelights on others this week. Kata is stunning and amazing on the runway and in photos. Glad she got more airtime! Whereas Anya completely disappeared. She wasn’t even featured, except in the shoots, runway and at panel.

Whitney’s meat shoot reminds me of Dionne’s candy shoot in Cycle 8. Anya is amazing too week after week. Lauren reminds me of Heather. Both take amazing pictures but mediocre walks. Alas… Heather>Lauren. Hehe!

I hope Fatima gets booted soon. But I know she won’t.


CoverGirl Of The Week:

Claire again! She may be beat Naima (C4) and Heather (C9) to grab all the CGOTWs.


Spoilers: (highlight at own risk)

Not much spoilers yet, but some say Dominique/Stacy Ann is next to go.

What do you think? Leave comments!

[Pics from CWTV.com]




  1. I love Dominique. I hope she goes all the way.

  2. I like lauren b/c she’s quircky and i really don’t like fatima…..she seems kind of diva-ish

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