American Idol 7 – Top 12 Results – Goodbye David Hernandez [recap]

March 13, 2008
Words cannot describe how pissed up I am that David Hernandez was eliminated on this week’s Idol.Despite being the best male vocalist of the top 6 guys, David Hernandez, 24 from Glendale, Arizona was booted off first. I was sad that he didn’t make it to the top10, we can then at least see more of him on tour.

As my predictions went, David was in the bottom 3 with Syesha and Kristy, not surprisingly. Syesha was given the safe ticket, leaving him with Kristy. AMAZINGLY enough, Krusty Kristy was safe for another week. You can’t hide for long Kristy. Sooner or later it’s your turn. As I said before, she’s getting the Haley votes until she eventually gets booted.

Poor David was left to stand on the stage with tears almost filling his eyes. Gosh, America is harsh. Last season Brandon Rogers forgot his lyrics and was booted the next day. This season is, supposedly, as Paula keep rephrasing it over and over again, the best season ever, and yet the kid who forgot his lyrics got the week’s highest number of votes? AMAZING. America, you seriously need to open your eyes.

Other than this nonsense elimination, Ryan announced that the top 11 will be singing Lennon/McCartney songs again because the fans loved it so much and kept sending in emails pleading them to do it again. Uhhh… An encore? That’ll be AMAZING if that particular kid forgot his lyrics again. I hope he does.

There was also the fake phone call thing, viewers calling in to ask questions. One particular question asked why not Simon and Ryan just make out on stage instead of bickering like couples. Ryan said he was ready for Simon. XD Oh my goodness. Another question asked Simon whether he prefer the British or the American’s talents. Simon surprisingly stated that Americans had more talent, but he is the best judge of the 3.

Jim Carrey also made a cameo on the show, wearing an elephant costume, and later took it off. Sanjaya Malakar was also in the audience with his sister, Shayamali. Another person spotted, Danny Noriega, who was sporting a “I Support Ramiele” t-shirt, sitting with Ramiele’s parents and being dubbed “Ramiele’s Parents and Best Friend”. Uhhh… It’s like they completely forgot Danny was on the show. Hello? AMAZING. Anyway awww to Ramiele and Danny = Daniele. ♥

Im still mad at the results, David H definitely deserves to stay. I’m on Team Underdog – rooting for Ramiele, Brooke, Chikezie and Amanda!

Someone better forget their lyrics next week. Especially the kid. Muahahahaha.

David Pimpchuleta has officially won American Idol. Let’s move on to season 8 guys!

Keep the hate mail coming.

What do you think? Leave comments!

[Pic from AmericanIdol.com]



  1. I liked the show last night. Don’t know why, but it just stood out from all the other episodes this season. Covering The Beatles is a pretty hard task. Not only will you have critics picking at you, but hardcore fans as well. The only reason American Idol was allowed to use Beatles songs after six years of trying, is because they’re getting ready to release the catalog onto iTunes. That’s just my belief of course. But I must say, seeing David Hernandez go was ok. I wasn’t against it. He had somewhat of a cocky attitude to him. Was it just me? Oh well. But have you noticed how American Idol pulls in so many people? It’s no surprise why they’re nominated for FAVORITE REALITY SHOW on Nickelodeons’ Kids’ Choice Awards. You can go vote for the show here http://www.nick.com/shows/specials/kca.

    They have more categories to vote for, plus FREE downloads, a reaaaaaally cool widget (click on it repeatedly and see what happens), a neat innovative VIDEO MIXER featuring JACK BLACK, because he’s hosting again you know. Oh yes. A second time around. I’m working with Nick to get the word out. So make sure you check out the show, it airs on MARCH 29th @ 8PM.

    (hahaha Simon maybe?)

  2. I was surprised David got voted off. Kristy did way worse than him. In fact, he shouldn’t be in the bottom three, Ramiele should have been in his place. I definitely like to have another Lennon/McCartney week.

  3. Geez,
    is that really a comment or a promo session ? –”

    anyway, David H did pretty bad few days ago. But KKKristy was MUCH MORE worst than him. Well, couldn’t agree more, R ! KKKristy is this season’s Haley. Sooner or later she will got voted off. Oh, edited, I think it’s NEXT WEEK. I hope so :9

    Naaaahh, how could you say that this is the best season ever ?? I gotta wash them people eyes first in order to tell the truth.
    and for Danny, I think he allegedly asked Fox to tell America he’s Ramiele’s BFF. He really wanted be there as her BF, not as Danny himself. Isn’t it so sweet ? *oh Gosh the fantard is comin’ LOL*

    Don’t ever think about this season’s winner cause we all already knew who would be in the top 2.
    Carly PLANTsmithson and David PIMPchuleta.
    end of the show.
    start the new season, America !
    But I think David A is much much better than Brandon.
    that’s why they still let him save.

    well, other than that, I also support the underdog team !
    GO GO Ramiele, Syesha, Amanda, and Brooke ! they’re “PURE”
    and the rest..some of them are so-so, average, and…PIMPED.

    ps: keep this rant on your blog, I’m totally sure this will gain more comments 😉

  4. Quote :

    “Someone better forget their lyrics next week. Especially the kid.”

    😀 😀 😀

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