American Idol 7 – Top 12 [recap]

March 12, 2008
A new stage, a new environment, new opening credits, new makeovers, a new show. This is, American Idol.

Did I do it right, Ryan? XD

I’m really glad they decided to do a makeover on everything this year. The stage is now completely different, sort of like X-Factor’s stage. The band now plays on top of the stage looking down, and there’s a space between the judges and the stage for fans to gawk at their favourites.

I like the new opening credits. It’s electric blue and sparkly and features all the winners of AI. I guess they ran out of space with the old one.

Some of the contestants sported new hairstyles. Amanda Overmyer got long wavy hair with streaks of yellow. She actually looks very pretty now. Ramiele had her hair elongated, Syesha had her bushy hair tied back. The rest are more or less the same.

The judges were crazier tonight, each of them giving incredibly constructive criticism. Ryan and Simon had their usual “bonding” times, bickering at each other. Paula doesn’t seem as “drunk” as she was last week, and was even standing up to her own opinion. Kudos, Paula.

It was Beatles night and the contestants had to sing songs from the most popular band in history. The performances definitely switched for the better too, now that they’re in the top 12.

Notable performances of the night includes…

Surpringly, Chikezie Eze! I think he was hands down the best performer of the night. I take back everything bad I ever said about him. This guy got talent! Chikezie sang “She’s A Woman“. First, he sat down with some country music players and sang country style. Then he switched the tune to a rocking scene and was jumping around (sorta like Taylor Hicks in AI5) while still sounding great. The judges obviously loved it and it pleased Simon a lot. I was a little annoyed that Chikezie kept tapping his microphone though. But he got an A+ from me! Even Ryan got hyped up and ran around the stage, which was rather painful to watch. His performance here.

Brooke White delivered yet another amazing performance, singing “Let It Be” while playing the piano. I’m her fan from day one and still am. She looked stunning and delivered her song full of emotion, and even teared up at the end. It was such a sincere performance. Simon was impressed that she is on a roll for 3 weeks straight. Her performance here.

Another person who hit the home run for great performances was David Cook. I’m honestly not a huge fan of David, but he is great at conquering the stage. He reminds me incredibly of Chris Daughtry from AI5. The same aura, the same rocker style, they even look the same if you stare long enough. He sang “Eleanor Rigby” with a rocker edge. All three judges unanimously loved it. His performance here.

These three are definitely the top 3 performances of the night. And the top 3 performance who fell rock bottom, hard…

David Hernandez with “I Saw Her Standing There”. As soon as he said he was singing that song, my heart sank. My mind flashbacked to last year’s season finale, where Blake and Jordin were singing this exact same song. And boy it was quite horrible. I crossed my fingers and wished for the best. David did well, entertaining the crowd and interacting with them, but the vocals and all that were not so wowing. The judges all sulked and even kind hearted Paula didn’t enjoy it. I hope it was enough for him to stay, he deserves another week! His performance here.

Next to fell flat, Kristy Lee Cook. I think Kristy being in the top12 is like a bonus for her, she’s just getting the male votes, like Haley did last year. Her vocals aren’t outstanding and her performances aren’t great either. She sang “Eight Days A Week”, to which, my brother kindly blurted out, there are only seven days in a week, not eight. She opted for the country route, which Simon wanted her to take. But alas, the performance was hard to watch. I think the arrangement of the song was all over the place, they were too desperate to insert that country note that they just meddled up the whole song. Not to mention Kristy did her weird “I’m possesed” eye thing again. The judges hated it, especially Simon. Poor Kristy was reduced to tears. Her performance here.

Last, but not least, was little David Archuleta. Little Archie pointed out that he was nervous of this week and never listened to the Beatles. Join the club! David A sang “We Can Work It Out”. And no, it isn’t that song from High School Musical. As soon as he hit the stage, he started to freak out and forgot his lyrics at once. His confused face was, priceless. But he pulled back and kept singing until, again, he forgot another line. Oh. My. Goodness. David. Archuleta aka everyone’s sweetheart. forgot. his lyrics. Oh. My. David was a wreck for the rest of his performance and was close to crying after listening to the judges’ negative feedback. Honestly this guy is falling and falling. The top 12 “I forgot my lyrics” curse has found its victim again, year after year. Don’t worry David, you won’t be going anywhere. Your screaming fans will be dialing and blocking the lines with 10 phones at once. Besides, you’re too pimped by the producers and the judges to be leaving so soon. His performance here.

These are definitely the top 3 and bottom 3 performances of the night. Those in the middle may be safe, or may be cut all the same. But the top 3 are guaranteed a ticket to the top11.

The leader’s board has obviously switched places. David Cook now leads the pack for the guys while Brooke is leading the ladies, each knocking Archuleta and Carly off. Chikezie is also ascending his way up the ladder, while David A and Michael are falling down. Jason C, Carly and Amanda are in the middle, while Kristy, David H, Syesha and Ramiele are swaying in the breeze, and they may fall anytime soon.

My elimination prediction: Kristy.

Shocker elimination? Maybe. Ramiele is in the hot seat. So is David H. Syesha is bubbling too.

Enough of my ranting, let’s cross our fingers and hope that our favourites stay! Results tonight!

What do you think? Leave comments!

[Pics from AmericanIdol.com]



  1. david h. is out. i was hoping that kristy would go as well. she was really horrible last night and it’s clear that she can’t keep up with the others.

    syesha was the other one at the bottom three.

  2. To say the least that why I so kindly suggest Archuleta sing I wanna hold your hand. I mean come on you can’t screw up the lyrics on that one! I am not a big fan of Ramiele or Syesha so I was hoping it was one of them that was sent home last night.

  3. Gosh why all of our faves always be in danger ? I got my Syesha hangin’ over the bottom three. And know we lost David H. I.Am.Crossing.My.Finger.For.Ramiele. Gotta do something on your vocals, dawg ! ;P

  4. btw thx for Jacuzzi’s video performance. I browsed him on youtube for MILLION times but I still got nothing LOL

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