American Idol 7 – Top 8 Girls [recap]

March 7, 2008

What a show. Great performances with crazy judges.

Asia’h Epperson was first with her song “Wanna Dance With Somebody”. Her most embarrassing moment was crashing a movie set.

I thought it was a great performance! She’s so bubbly and approachable. Randy wasted no time in saying he recorded the song with Whitney Houston. Simon didn’t like it. Her performance here.

Kady Malloy was next with “Who Wants To Love Forever”. Kady thought last week, she was going home, not Alaina. We thinks so too. She was embarrassed that she killed a song and crashed the PA system.

As much as she’s growing on me, it’s not enough and forgettable. Definitely her best performance so far, like Paula said. Simon thinks she’s a robot and has no personality. Her performance here.

Rocker nurse Amanda Overmyer went after, singing “Hate Myself For Loving You”. Her moment was burning down a pool.

I am no fan of this girl and I thought this was rather good! It really suits her. The judges loved it. It was Simon’s favourite girl performance so far. Her performance here.

Irish Carly Smithson sang “I Drove All Night”. Her most embarrassing moment was being getting her leg stuck in a railing while her drunk friend used butter and oil to get it out.

It was okay, I don’t like that she keep singing these type of songs. Don’t like her outfit either. Randy loved that she hit the high notes like targets. Paula thinks she is a dependable dawg. Simon is pimping her. Her performance here.

Kristy Lee Cook sang “Faithfully”. When she was 7, she thought she was a dog and she drank out of a bowl and went around on hands and knees and barked. Uhhh…

Kristy is at the bottom of my list. But I’ve got to say I was blown away. Very Carrie Underwood like. I liked it. Meanwhile Simon was making out with Paula. Hehe! Her performance here.

Pinoy Ramiele Malubay sang “Against All Odds”, one of my fav songs. She was embarrassed that her crush laughed at her picture with his mom.

Amazing is all I have to say. Randy thinks she overthought her next step. Paula started talking nonsense. Her performance here.

Brooke White sang “Love Is A Battlefield” with no instruments and sitting down. She was embarrassed of hugging the wrong people.

This girl rules. I thought it suited her voice and was great. The judges gave high praises. Her performance here.

Last but not least, Syesha Mercado, who was embarrassed that her crush told the teacher that she left a note for him. She sang “Saving All My Love For You.”

i honestly hate that song. XD But she did well! The judges gave the shortest comments ever on Idol. 3 Goods. Her performance here.

Tonight was great, I think it’s better than the boys, regardless what the judges say.

What do you think? Leave comments!

My elimination predictions: Kady, Asia’H, Kristy, Syesha.

[Pics courtesy of AmericanIdol.com]


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