American Idol 7 – Top 8 Guys [recap]

March 5, 2008

Tonight was a fun night, everyone stepped up their game. And they revealed their most embarrassing moments.

Luke Menard was embarrassed that he wore a tutu when he was young. Ummm.. He sang “Wake Me Up Before You Go Go”. I liked that song, but now I think it’s wearing off.

I thought it was rather weak. Go go, Luke. Simon obviousy disliked him, and he thought he is girly and can’t win. His performance here.

17 year old David Archuleta was next, and his moment was being hoarse on stage while his mom finished off the song. Little David sang “Another Moment In Paradise”.

He surprised us with a piano. I didn’t think it was that good, but it’s good anyway.The judges obviously liked him as usual. Simon didn’t like him singing sad songs. David wants to dedicate his performance to those unfortunate. Boy, he can be the ambassador of the world. Simon knows he’ll be in the final 2. Uhh.. Duh? His performance here.

Ish ish ish Danny Noriega was third to go. He sang “Tainted Love”. He tripped in front of his crush in a cinema. That was TMTH = too much to handle. XD

i think he’s performances are always mediocre. But I enjoy watching him! Paula love his purple hair. Simon thought he was useless. And they all did the half moose. Hehe! His performance here.

David Hernandez was next. He was embarrassed of his pee sized booger. He sang “It’s All Coming Back To Me Now”. Boy I love that song! Glad he chose it!

I think he was awesome. Definitely rooting for him! All the judges loved it. Randy loved his shoes. His performance here.

Michael Johns was up with “Don’t You Forget About Me”. He was embarrassed that he was pounced on while wearing a kangaroo mascot.

Crazily pimped by Simon. Michael always hops on stage while singing. Paula loves his kangaroo hop. (pssst, you’re not in your mascot suit anymore) Simon hinted that he and a girl hasn’t showed their true vocals yet. (Carly duh… Simon pimpage alert!) His performance here.

David Cook, who had technical problems with his guitar, went after Michael. He sang “Hello”. His moment was losing his words while on stage.

I kinda liked his performance, even though I’m not his fan. I just hope he put his guitar down once. Judges were blown away that he turned a pop song to a rock song. (Emo, says Randy XD) Apparently Simon met Lionel Richie in the supermarket. Simon bought carrots, Lionel bought cereal. Hehe! His performance here.

Jason Castro showed up with no guitar, singing “Hallelujah”. His dreadlocks fell while dating a girl. But he got lucky and went on another date. He’s so awkward its likeable.

Judges loved his ease in performing a hard song. Simon thought it was brilliant, and he is getting better each week. I agree. His performance here.

Just when I thought the show’s done, Ryan said there’s another person. I was like “Who?!”, then he said Chikezie. Ahhh… LOL. Chikezie sang “All The Men (women) That I Need”. His story has got the be the most hilarious. While in high school he kept going to this clean toilet where no one goes. One day he saw a sign up which reads “Ladies”. XD

He definitely has great vocals, but he’s just too forgettable. Paula vs Simon. Simon didn’t like it. His performance here.

Overall it was a great night, which Paula keep repeating over and over and over again.

My prediction of eliminations: Luke, Chikezie, Danny.

What do you think? Leave comments!

[Pics courtesy of AmericanIdol.com]



  1. thanks for the kind words about my photography! i appreciate you checking out my blog. peace.

  2. Hi! I love that you cover the american idol! =) and i agree with most of your comments. Keep up the fantastic work! Btw, do you have David Cook’s Hello? Thanks!

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