Google Special – Alaxander Graham Bell

March 3, 2008

Today is Alexander Graham Bell’s birthday. For those clueless as to who this is, Bell is the inventor of the telephone.

Google, as usual, always keep things interesting by changing its logo:

Google AGB

Happy AGH day! And rejoice for the telephone was invented.

More on the inventor here.



  1. Except he never invented it.
    That honour goes to Antonio Meucci, whose work predates Bell’s and who was unfortunately too poor to be able to maintain the patent on his device. He built prototypes of the telephone, which were mysteriously lost by the Vice President of the Telegraph company that Meucci submitted his work to.

    Bell, who had knowledge of Meucci’s work, sight of his patents (and some argue also had access to Meucci’s “lost” prototypes), subsequently “invented” the telephone.

    In 2002, the US House of Representatives belatedly acknowledged Meucci’s invention.

  2. Today is Alexander Bell’s birthday, yes. But I must inform you that Bell was a thief. In fatc the italian Antonio Meucci invented the telephone..
    Damn Google! 😛

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