American Idol 7 – Top 20 Results

February 29, 2008

This week’s elimination definitely didn’t go as planned. Alas, 4 still has to go.

First to get the boot, was Jason Yeager. It’s pretty expected that it’s his turn to go, since he gave a lower than mediocre performance with some incredibly cheesy dance steps. Nevertheless, he can sing.

Alexandrea Lushington was the next to go. It was pretty shocking to see her leave, as for me her performance last night was one of the strongest. But she lacked popularity, and this is a popularity contest.

Third to be given the pass was Alaina Whitaker, one of my favourites on the show. I think it’s pretty unjust that Alaina got eliminated, since as Simon said, she is one of the best vocalist and is the black horse in the competition. I guess that’s why she got eliminated. Again, she doesn’t have a huge fan base behind her, which is why she was booted. Her elimination was very emotional, and was even gave the chance to not sing on stage.

Last to leave was rocker Robbie Carrico, who still hasn’t proven to anyone yet that he is an authentic rocker, not a wannabee. TMZ.com reported that Robbie is in fact wearing a wig, which comes to me as shocking.


I guess America just wasn’t ready for the next Carrie Underwood and Bo Bice – therefore the eliminations tonight. I still think that it’s very unfair, but unfortunately, it is a competition.

And we all know who’s going to win anyway…

What do you think? Leave comments!

[Pics courtesy of AmericanIdol.com]


One comment

  1. I’m heartbroken Alaina left. I expected Alexandrea and I can’t wait til Amanda gets the boot.

    Poor Alaina. We’ll miss you!

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