Chris Richardson – “All Alone” [download]

February 23, 2008
“All Alone” is Chris’ first single! His album is expected to drop sometime this year. I have to say this song is great! It’s a upbeat pop song, and it’s the song that Chris posted a snippet on his MySpace. I enjoyed it very much and hope you do as well!

UPDATE: This is the leak for the Dreyers/Edy’s CD. The final and end product has yet to surface, or is still in production.

chris richardson - all alone

Download: HERE

Enjoy! Please leave comments!



  1. OMG! finally!

    it’s a great song.
    it didn’t catch me at first listen but then it starts to grow..
    normally slow growing song is the one i’ll like in a long time..
    nice work!
    can’t wait for the album!

  2. ive been a huge chis rich fan since the beginning. i love the sound of his voice and everything about him just screams huge star to me.
    ‘all alone’ was definitely not a let down and was worth the wait.
    im so proud to be a rich fan.
    xoxo sam.

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