ANTM Cycle 10 Episode 1 – Welcome To Top Model Prep [watch]

February 23, 2008
ANTM is back! And this time it celebrates it’s tenth cycle! Hopefully there are ZERO mushrooms in this cycle.
Firstly the videos: (thanks to dodash8!)
Part 1
Part 2
Part 3
Part 4
Part 5
Tyty now has 10 cycles! The models arrive at Top Model Prep. Headmistress Miss J and Mr Jay came and greeted the little screaming girls. The girls scream to their locker rooms to get changed to take their TMPrep IDs. Katarzyna was first. She’s amazing. ‘Nuff said. Sarah Silverman Allison wants to kill her competition.

Miss J gives Runway 101.

It’s prom night! In front of a bonfire!

5 previous contestants, Joanie, Jael, Babin twins and Furonda are rubbishly used as cheerleaders for Tyra’s profit. Seriously! They’re not garbage! Get your own cheerleaders!

(Hate you Marvita for forgetting Joanie’s name)

Jay announced that the girls will be staying in the Big Apple.

They all wait to see who’ll be homecoming queen. Guess who?





Tyra: I want to thank you guys for voting for me! I’m sorry to say that I slept with all of your boyfriends!

Allison: I slept with yours!

Tyra: Betch! You slept with my man?

Allison: We can share!

XD That was hilarious!

Casting time!

Anya from Ha-Wa-Yii wants to fulfill her dreams of modelling.

Sarah Silverman Allison hates her town.

Shaya Ali, niece of Muhammad Ali showed up. “Shaya is groovy, Shaya is sexy…” Shaya, you’re blah. She speaks in third person.

Amy who loves to show off her pubes considers herself as a weirdo. She’s like Lisa C5’s lovechild.

Whitney hates ANTM past plus size girls. If you don’t like her, go “suck an egg”!

Dominique is ready to bring it!

Adrianne aka Norelle aka Kristen has a boyfriend and a brother in Iraq.

Fatima thinks the girls are stupid and ghetto. I think you are too. She thinks she’s exotic. Yuck.

Poland born beauty Katarzyna is an Ivy League student.

Shalynda who auditioned 8 times showed up again. She then fought with Fatima to see who’s a better bitch. “Shut up bitch, you’re dead in my book”. Gosh don’t copy Janice Dickinson.

Lauren represents the punk-weirdo girls.

Stacy, is happy, is married, at seventeen, he he he he he he he! She gives a weird lapdance to Mr Jay while singing a weird song which goes like, “Tu du du… du du du… du du du… du du du… du du du… du du du… du du du…” XD That was hilarious!

stacy ann

Aimee has a Mormon mom.

Kimberly dumb blonde works at a bank.

Tyra: Do you ever take money?

Kim: Yeah, a lot of money.

Tyra: You do??

Kim: What?

Jay: She asked you do you take money.

Kim: Oh, like steal it? Oh gawd no. The federal offence.

He he he he he he he. The federal offence. That’s as funny as Stacy’s lapdance song.

Fatima broke down as soon as she walks in. Typical trick. She was circumcised at 7. That’s disgusting. She wants to be a say-no-to-circumcision spokesmodel.

Marvita is backkkk!

Jenna and her Impalo SS.


Claire thinks she’s a global warrior. She’s a momma who breastfeeds. She drinks her own milk and it tastes like soy milk. o.0

Mid term grades!

Some girls passed, some failed. Let’s sing Stacy’s lapdance song to celebrate!

Last photoshoot, they do senior class portraits.

They have to style their own stuff.

Allison did purple tears cause she think it’s in in Asia.

Fatima uses lots of time for perfection.

Anya loves the food they ate.



The roll call as follow:

  1. Allison
  2. Fatima
  3. Katarzyna
  4. Kimberly
  5. Stacy Ann
  6. Amy
  7. Aimee
  8. Claire
  9. Whitney
  10. Marvita
  11. Lauren
  12. Atalya
  13. Anya

While all is lost, Tyra announced that there’s room for one more!


That’s the top 14!

top14 antm10


It’s too early to have favourites, but Katarzyna strikes me as stunning. She’s my top fav this cycle.

My other favs are Claire, Dominique, Amis (Amy), Stacy Ann.

Can’t wait for the next episode!

Future episode:

The girls invade New York and do a fashion runway show in Times Square. And THE most shocking elimination ever. Tyra: “Why did you come here? Why did you come here?!” It must something about not passion about modelling.

Spoilers: (highlight to read at your own risk)

Whitney is the supposed “Why did you come here?” girl, as she is plus sized and want to prove something, according to spoilers. Other spoilers say that Lauren land in the bottom 2 with another girl, and she punches her.

Please leave comments! Really appreciate it! )

One comment

  1. this is my order:

    1. Anya
    2. Katarzyna
    3. Alisson
    4. Aimee
    5. Amis
    6. Laureen
    7. Whitney
    8. Kim
    9. Stacey-Ann

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