Jordin Sparks feat. Chris Brown – “No Air” Music Video [watch]

February 22, 2008
After a long wait, it’s finally here! This is the music video for “No Air”, the second single off American Idol winner Jordin Sparks’ debut album, featuring Chris Brown. I have to say, put two rising stars together in a duet and you get one hot song. The video is definitely great, full of expressions and emotions! Sure to be a number 1 hit.
Enjoy! Please leave comments!


  1. i love this video but who ever said this video is no longer avilible you stuped!!!!!!!!!!love you write me back

  2. chris brown and that trick do not fite yotgther.you do not need to go with jodind sraCHS .BECAUSE JODIND IS BETER .BECAUSE R. IS NOT BETER. BECAUSE YOU ALLMOSE KISS HER . BJJHJBHGJNBJHKHNHJGHNHVKGHFCVFCFMA2XCVBC^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^SHE IS SUCK ^

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