World Youth Day & Vocation Celebration (WYDVC)

February 3, 2008
I went to the World Youth Day & Vocation Celebration (WYDVC) yesterday, which was held in Blessed Sacrament Church, Kuching. It’s held conjunction to the Worth Youth Day 2008, which will be held in Sydney, Australia.

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I knew about this programme for a while, and initially I didn’t had the heart to go, as it wasn’t my nature to participate in church-held events. After some persuasion from friends who were going, I wasn’t exactly pumped to go. But I signed up as well, cause I felt a pull and desire to see what was the whole thing about. Of course I pulled in my friend, Tom as well, as I didn’t want to go alone.

Needless to say I showed up that day. At first there was praise and worship to break the ice. It’s not the usual, old, boring singing which we usually have in church, but rather it was an ‘ala-Hillsong’ type of worship. Imagine dancing and singing and grooving at the same time. I wasn’t exactly dancing, just singing, as it was the start of the day and I was still awkward.

Then was a session called “Chit Chat With Cheng” aka the “number 1 talk show in Kuching.” XD Mr. Alvin Cheng interviewed Father Felix, and they discussed on the Eucharist. It was really interesting and I learnt a whole lot. I’d like to see Mr Cheng having his own talk show, I’ll guarantee it’ll hit number one.

After the session there was a break, and it resumed in about 15 minutes.

Praise and worship started again, and now that our stomachs were filled there was quite some energy to sing, but I wasn’t that pumped yet.

Then there was another session, where priests and sisters share their testimonials on their walk of life. It was nice to hear other people’s story, and to look at their lives through another eye.

Lunch wasn’t ready when the time was right. So we started singing again. It was fun to jump around and sing, to fill up our stomachs later. I was overjoyed to see the Vico van pulling up and Vico drinks were served. Although the food was rather dry, Vico drinks covered the ‘damage’.

Tummies filled, more praise and worship followed. I remember one song particularly, it was called, “Come Holy Spirit”. It was a beautiful song and I loved immensely. There was another song which still stuck in my head, “Move”. I remember singing this song with the whole church moving and dancing and singing and grooving at the same time. Self and awkwardness was forgotten, everyone was in the mood for praising and our inner fire was burning for the Lord. I still remember the actions vividly. It was a wonderful song. Our actions lead to another song, “The Church Is On Fire”! Literally. XD

Then there was more testimonials and talks, which were very beneficial as well. Talks were given on how individuals heard the calling of God, and they served him differently in many ways, whether it’s becoming a father or being married but still being faithful to God.

After that was the station of the cross, which was a grave session. The huge cross was carried by some cross bearers and it was placed at different spots around the church to symbolize the stations of the cross. There was trickling rain, but it was okay as it fitted the atmosphere of the church well.

When the cross returned inside the church, confessions and the veneration of the cross was held. I lined up for my confession in about 4 months, and spilled the beans to Father. As usual I could feel the power of the Lord present, so shaking was normal to me. After the confession I went back to the pew and did my penances and thanked the Lord for forgiving my sins. I was surprised that tears filled my eyes, cause I’m not an easy cryer. It’s been a while since I actually had tears, so that proves that God is truly forgiving and marvellous.

The queue for the veneration of the cross was long, so me and Tom went around the church to look at people while being happy at God’s love, and picking up food and drinks here and there. We rushed into the church just in time, as it was almost 6pm and the veneration line was thinning and it was almost over. Eventually it was our turn. We got the honours of reading out the prayer on that huge cross. We got to touch the cross and pray in front of the altar. It was magical.

Then there was the usual Saturday evening mass, people started to fill in. We sat and went through the usual process of the mass, except this time with the Holy Spirit firing in us. It was cool as the youths present got to show off our moves to the onlooking adults. I was surprised that some of the adults even joined in the dancing and moving. It was a happy atmosphere. The bishop was proud.

There was a concert after the mass. I got the golden opportunity to carry the cross out of the church. It weighed on my shoulders. It was incredibly heavy. My dreams of carrying it were fulfilled.

I missed the concert due to personal reasons, or else I would’ve stayed longer to enjoy the party.

Nevertheless 02.02.08 was a truly magical day for me. God was present and the Holy Spirit was in me. It was a happy day and I’ll cherish it forever. My goal now is to spread joy and happiness to everyone, as the gospel had said. I’ll look forward to more events like this in the future.

God bless you.

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  1. Wow you’re quite a blogger.

  2. Ah ha! I’ve been wondering where you are from and so I decided to “dig” around, and wow, we’re pretty close! 🙂 I live in Singapore. Hello fellow neighbour!

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