C-Rich Updates: “All Alone”

January 26, 2008

Chris Richardson just updated his blog on his official music page in MySpace!

chris richardson

Chris said:

Spread the Word!

Thank You all for sticking behind me on this long wait. Its only gonna grow because of you guys. I placed a chat up so everyone can stay in touch, and I’ll shoot on there every now and then. I’m putting together a couple videos to post soon on the page. Some behind the scenes in the studio, as well as a mini documentary possibly. Spread the word…..!!!


Also, in his chat, he stated that he’ll be releasing a new track, called “All Alone” via iTunes by the end of next month! That’s the most exciting part! Can’t wait for that!

To view the whole chat, click here.  (courtesy of bowie28)

Chris is currently busy in the studios working on his album.

Hope that drops soon – and more of Chris too!

Can’t wait!

Meanwhile, Blake Lewis bought a new house. 🙂

What do you think? Leave comments!



One comment

  1. OMG Chris you are SSSOOOO HOTTTTTT!! I LOVE you and your music! I think you should have won or atleast made it to the finals!!:)

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