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C-Rich Updates: “All Alone”

January 26, 2008

Chris Richardson just updated his blog on his official music page in MySpace!

chris richardson

Chris said:

Spread the Word!

Thank You all for sticking behind me on this long wait. Its only gonna grow because of you guys. I placed a chat up so everyone can stay in touch, and I’ll shoot on there every now and then. I’m putting together a couple videos to post soon on the page. Some behind the scenes in the studio, as well as a mini documentary possibly. Spread the word…..!!!


Also, in his chat, he stated that he’ll be releasing a new track, called “All Alone” via iTunes by the end of next month! That’s the most exciting part! Can’t wait for that!

To view the whole chat, click here.  (courtesy of bowie28)

Chris is currently busy in the studios working on his album.

Hope that drops soon – and more of Chris too!

Can’t wait!

Meanwhile, Blake Lewis bought a new house. 🙂

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Carrie Underwood – “All American Girl” Music Video [watch]

January 26, 2008

Carrie Underwood just released her music video for her second single – “All American Girl”! Watch it here:

It may be a weird video, but we get the message! Carrie sounds great and looks great as usual.

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January 26th – 50,000 Hits!

January 26, 2008

Although the quite long 1 month span, -MDOC- has achieved 50,000 hits!

Once again, its thanks to you guys for making this blog running! Keep coming back for more goodies!


Love and peace,


Heath Ledger Is Dead!

January 23, 2008

Oscar nominee Heath Ledger was found dead on Tuesday in New York!! o.0

Oh my gosh.. This is so shocking!

No foul play was involved, but it is suspected that he died from drug overdose.

Sleeping pills were suspected to be the main killer, as Heath suffered from severe insomnia beforehand.

Wow… My hearts goes out to Heath’s family and his daughter. We’re all devastated.

Heath was 28 years of age.

Rest in peace, Heath.

We will miss you.

(More info on MSN)

(Image courtesy of theAge)


Renaldo Lapuz – “We’re Brothers Forever” [download]

January 19, 2008

The auditions for American Idol in Dallas, Texas has got to be a weird one!

This guy is by far my favourite.

Renaldo Lapuz.

The guy with the goofy costume with Simon’s name on his hat.

The guy who praises Simon.

The guy who thinks Simon is the sun, the light and the rain.

The guy who thinks Simon is heaven’s chosen.

The guy with a future hit song – “We’re Brothers Forever”!

His audition was seriously funny!

I hope Simon is right – his song will be the next hit single!

This song is so catchy it stucks in your head forever.

I know it is in mine. 🙂

Gosh this guy is so famous he’s got his own official website!

And someone made an awesome dance remix of the song!


Download his song here!  Renaldo Lapuz – “Were Brothers Forever”!

Download: HERE

Remember, I love you brother! XD


JJ & Rudy – “I Got It From My Mamak” [download]

January 15, 2008

Hitz.Fm’s morning crew JJ & Rudy are back with another one of their parodies! This one is called “I Got It From My Mamak”, which is a ‘copy-paste-and-edit’ version of Will.I.Am’s “I Got It From My Mama”. This song is so hebat and is probably the best parody yet! The lyrics are so wickedly humourous and the song is just bustling full of Malaysian culture and lots of bahasa rojak and Manglish. I also love Natalie’s part in the song. So sexy. ;D

Download the song:

Download: HERE

And for the wacky lyrics, visit Shaun’s blog!

JJ, where’d you get your kopi from?
Rudy, where’d you get your nasi from?
JJ, where’d you get your sambal from?
Eh, Rudy, where’d you get your tapau from?
I got it from my mamak! I got it from my mamak! I got it from my mamak! I got it got it got it…

Pure classic. XD

(All credit goes to Hitz.Fm and JJ & Rudy for this awesome song!)

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Daughtry – “Feels Like Tonight” Official Music Video [watch]

January 15, 2008

Chris Daughtry’s band has released the music video for their fourth single, “Feels Like Tonight”. The video is pretty okay, showing the group singing on stage with flashing lights. I’d prefer “Crashed” as the single, but I suppose this will do! Here is the music video:

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