The Amazing Race Asia 2: Episode 4 [recap & review]

December 15, 2007

Sorry for this short recap! I’m quite busy these days, and another trip is coming up soon!

Briefly what happened:

  • Still in New Zealand.
  • Teams filled their cars with gas to get their next clue.
  • Henry & Terri’s car bumped into Ann & Diane’s car.
  • Teams go water sledging.
  • Marc & Rovilson in the lead by a mile.
  • Teams must drive a powered boat around an obstacle course on the sea, one driving, one directing.
  • Roadblock: take a mud bath in a geothermal reserve to find their clue.
  • Pamela found her clue, but didn’t have enough strength to pull it out. Henry took the chance and grabbed it instead.
  • Sophie & Aurelia started the race.
  • Detour: Flax or Sticks
  • Flax: do traditional Maori weaving.
  • Sticks: do a traditional Maori dance which requires teams to throw sticks back and forth from each other in a certain matter.
  • Henry & Terri debated on which task to do, going back and forth between tasks. Terri got fed up with both and wanted to quit. After Henry’s incredible patience and crooning, they finished the Flax challenge.
  • First 7 teams checked in with Allan Wu.

The standings: (> UP ; < DOWN ; = SAME)

  1. Marc & Rovilson =
  2. Adrian & Collin =
  3. Paula & Natasha >
  4. Ann & Diane <
  5. Daichi & Sawaka >
  6. Pam & Van >
  7. Henry & Terri <

ELIMINATED: Sophie & Aurelia

  • Sophie & Aurelia missed the hours of operation for the water sledging challenge, and were given automatic elimination.


  • Marc & Rovilson hangs on to the number 1 spot for the 3rd week!
  • Adrian & Collin advanced to number 2 again
  • Ann & Diane fell to 4th after a consecutive 3 weeks of 3rd place
  • Daichi & Sawaka creeping slowly up
  • Pam & Van slipping everytime
  • Henry & Terri: unpredictable

Hope Pam & Van try harder and stop bickering! Henry & Terri really makes good TV! 🙂

Next week’s recap will be slower, as usual!

What do you think? Leave comments!

(Pictures courtesy of AXN Asia)



  1. I like beans

  2. hahaha Henry and Teri is the best team


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