ANTM Cycle 9 – Flashback

December 12, 2007

The finale is finally here! Cycle 9 has got to be one of my favourite cycles, with the exception of disappointing eliminations.

Let’s look back on the eliminated girls:

Week 1: Mila

Ever optimist Lyudmila, aka Mila. Described by the others girls as “cheerful, bubbly”. Her quote: “If you focus on the good things, the bad things go away.”

Photoshoot Eliminated: Negative Effects of Smoking
Reason of Elimination: Not serious on the photoshoot



Week 2: Kimberly


Not much to say about Kimberly as she went off early. According to the others, she’s a great, friendly girl. Tyra loved her ears, saying that it was her best feature.

Photoshoot Eliminated: Rock climbing shoot
Reason of Elimination: Weakest photo of the bunch, can’t bring her high fashion look into her photos



Week 3: Victoria

victoria victoriavictoria

The smarts beauty. “Loved” back-talking Twiggy to defend herself. Described as Twiggy to have a “prickly personality”. Her early elimination lead to anger of many fans, saying she was robbed. Her cactus photo was later photoshopped to show no necklines, which angered fans even more.

Photoshoot Eliminated: Portraying Various Plants
Reason of Elimination: Doesn’t have “charm”, is “not” approachable enough



Week 4: Janet


The oldest of all the girls. Adored by the others for being the “mama” of the house. Very charming personality. Her last photo was not photoshopped, revealing her white undies, which showed the unfairness of the show. Fourth white girl in a row to be eliminated. One of my favs.

Photoshoot Eliminated: Gargoyle on the Roof
Reason of Elimination: Weak photos



Week 5: Ebony


The tough, mean girl at the start of the competition, then became the nice, sweet girl in the house. Cracked under pressure and started to became homesick. The second girl in ANTM history to quit the competition. First black girl to be sent home in this cycle. Another of my favs.

Photoshoot Eliminated: “Green” Recyclable Waste Shoot
Reason of Elimination:
Quit due to homesick and pressure



Week 6: Sarah


The only plus size girl, who later was said by the judges to “lose weight”, but actually didn’t. Famously ran around the house nude when her towel was snatched away by Jenah. Nice personality. One of the dumbest reasons of elimations ever in ANTM.

Photoshoot Eliminated: Enrique Iglesias “Tired Of Being Sorry” Music Video
Reason of Elimination: Insecure of her body weight, her body size “unstable” in the fashion industry.


Week 7: Ambreal


Ambreal was the happy go lucky girl in the house. She is very religious, and was given a second chance when Ebony quit. Determined to prove herself to the judges that she had what it takes.

Photoshoot Eliminated: Burning Car In The Desert
Reason of Elimination: Not model-ish enough



Week 8: Lisa


The tallest girl in this cycle. Lisa was an exotic dancer before the show, and got into the first fight in Cycle 9 with Bianca. The first girl sent packing in Shanghai, China. Lisa earned the “CoverGirl of the Week” title in the first week before it was snatched away by Heather.

Photoshoot Eliminated: CoverGirl Commercial & Photoshoot
Reason of Elimination: Inability to handle criticism well, bad commercial.



Week 9: Heather


Undoubtedly one of the most popular girl in ANTM history. Heather has an illness called Aspergers, which affects her in public speaking and eye contact. She is also an artist. Heather was underestimated at first, but proved herself when she got many early call outs and great photos. She fainted in the music video production due to dehydration and lack of sleep. Heather is the current holder of the CoverGirl of The Week title, breaking the record for holding it 9 weeks in a row, even after she is eliminated. She is already attracting a lot of media attention, being on many magazine covers and interviews. Cycle 10’s new judge, Paulina Porizkova stated that Heather is her favourite on the show. Heather is definitely the one that will go far, and is my personal fav in this cycle. Despite having the strongest portfolio in the competition along with Jenah, Heather was sent home for only going to one go-see.

Photoshoot Eliminated: Standing Out In A Crowd
Reason of Elimination: Lack Of Communication Skills



Week 10: Bianca


Bianca was probably the second most ‘in’famous girl after Heather in Cycle 9. Bianca was always the one who gets into catfights, talked bad about the girls in her confessionals, backstabbed her friends in challenges, and had picked on almost every girl in the house. Bianca had improved gradually since the beginning, won the go-see challenge, and showed that she was a fierce competitor. But she was eventually eliminated due to her inability to be more versatile as a model.

Photoshoot Eliminated: Warriors on the Great Wall Of China
Reason of Elimination: Not being model material



Three girls remain!

1. Chantal


The “dumb” blonde who knows that fashion is what she wants and dreams of, and holds on to it for dear life. A worthy receiver for this cycle’s “Most Improved”. Is she fierce enough to grab the trophy?


2. Saleisha


The girl who is every judge’s favourite, and has progressed far since the beginning. A member of Tyra’s T-Zone camp leads to suspicion of favoritism. She has past modelling experience and was in several ads and national campaigns, so is she worthy to get the title of being ANTM, or did she cheated her way in?


3. Jenah


The girl with the strongest portfolio throughout this competition along with Heather, having some of the best photos. Her quirky remarks and “sarcasm” doesn’t get along well with the judges, and her homesickness and stress is starting to strain her. Will she pick herself up to win ANTM9?


My bets are that Saleisha will most likely win, but I’m definitely rooting for Jenah. Another few more hours and we’ll find out who will be….



What do you think? Leave comments!




  1. OMG!!!haha.loving the mega post i wish i can do that!haha

    I seriously can’t wait till 8.00pm here in the U.S!!

    and i can’t belive it!!

    love ur post btw!very good!!

    hope all the spoilers is not true!

    but if it is true then whatever!!

    just can’t wait!!hehe

    Im sorry im too excited!haha

  2. you are awesome at reviewing the shows!!!!!!!! GOOD JOB! i loved your review of all the girls

  3. Thanks a bunch! ๐Ÿ™‚

    I really appreciate you guys comments.

  4. do you know the name of bianca elemination? please, I can’t find it.

    … Thanks ๐Ÿ™‚

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